By Alesandra Dubin
July 15, 2014

I thought my baby shower pushed the envelope, because I had cookies in the shapes of dead rappers like Biggie and Tupac, and a cake decked with personalized mix tapes. (All in service of my twin shower's '90s hip-hop "It Takes Two" theme! Get it?!)

But Christina Aguilera took the baby shower envelope pushing a few steps farther—emphasis on the "pushing."

At a co-ed shower for about 50 guests, the star reportedly had a cake decorated with the image of a woman giving birth on a rug, explicitly showing the baby's head emerging from you-know-where. According to reports, the writing said, "Push Xtina, push!"

Can you think of anything more appetizing than that?!

Well, this is one baby shower trend not isolated to celebs like Christina—though I kind of wish it were. No, indeed, plenty of examples of the graphic cake theme are illustrated all over the Internet. Trust me. Just search for the hashtag (sorry) #vaginacake or check out Pinterest.

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Honestly? If I see pubic hair—or even its sugar representation—on my dessert plate, I'm sending it back. But in general, I am all for thinking outside the (ahem) box when it comes to mixing up staid, traditional events like baby showers.

I'd love to hear from you on the explicit baby shower cake trend: Good fun, or gross?

Christina Aguilera photo courtesy of Shuttertock


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