If fake mommy shaming is an art form, Chrssy Teigen has mastered it. There's even an important take-away


Chrissy Teigen is the QUEEN of getting trolled on social media, so it's only fitting that the fearless mama would turn the tables in a hilarious way on her currently preggers bestie Brooklyn Decker.

"I don't even know where my leg ends and the foot begins anymore," the mom of two-year-old son Hank (with husband Andy Roddick) wrote in an Instagram post last week that featured a pic of her rocking a seriously swollen leg.

Ahhh, don't you just LOVE being pregnant? Though it definitely helps to know that even super-hot celebrities mamas get cankles, too. And while mommy-shaming is currently rampant on social media—particularly for famous women—just about every single one of Decker's followers who hit up the post's comment section did so to show their support.

Well, except for one:

  • chrissyteigen: Wow gross u need to see a doctor !!!! This isnt normal
  • chrissyteigen: Did u eat tuna????
  • chrissyteigen: Pregnant women cannot consume more than 3 tunas a day
  • chrissyteigen: Once ur foot gets a taste for the tuna it swells to reject the mercury. This is. Dngerous game u are playing #dangerous
  • chrissyteigen: I have a blog if u wanna visit (and comment !) hppt://iamthesmartestmom.blogspot.vzw.blackberry.net/tuna

BAHAHAHA! And Decker—who was one of Teigen's bridesmaids—was obviously in on the joke: "Link broke," she wrote back without missing a beat. "That's weird," Teigen responded. "Prob too much traffic."

These two may be straight-up comedy here, but the point they are ultimately making is an important one. Strangers online may try to take you down with their judging, trolling, and inserting of opinions—and broken links—where they don't belong. But Teigen popping up in the comments to fake-roast her friend is a great reminder that the world would be a better place if we all just supported each other, and if we all had someone who has our back the way these two have each other's:

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