We'd never have guessed, Chrissy!

By Melissa Willets
Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Have you seen how insanely gorgeous Chrissy Teigen looks in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue? She's practically perfect, and that's why it's hard to believe the soon-to-be first-time mom was actually undergoing IVF during the shoot.

"I was getting my shots and everything in Zanzibar, I had a little medical kit. It was hard because you bloat from it, and you bruise—if I hit the wrong area. That's the kind of things we had to cover with makeup," the star told People magazine at a SI Swimsuit event in Miami this week.

Um, I'm not seeing any bloating, or bruises. Just a glowing smile and a rockin' body.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

About that body, Teigen also said, "John and I aren't the kind of people to have photos of ourselves in our house, like embracing the pregnant and naked thing. But if it were for a cool magazine and beautifully done, I would do that ... [SI Swim], I would have definitely done pregnant!"

Well, there's still time to pose pregnant for another magazine, Chrissy! The model and her musician husband John Legend aren't expecting a baby girl until April.

Meanwhile, Teigen admitted she has been receiving pregnancy and parenting advice from stars like Kim Kardashian. "Kim gave me advice [on fertility] even before we started," the model said on the Grammy Awards red carpet Monday.

Given her recent admission about the timing of her IVF treatments, could Kim have been on speed dial from Zanzibar?

What major life events were you going through while TTC?

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