The new baby will join daughter Luna, 4, and son Miles, 2, as the couple's third child.

By Caitlin St John and Nicole Harris
Updated August 18, 2020

Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend announced some very exciting news—they're expecting! The baby will join daughter Luna, 4, and son Miles, 2, as the couple's third child.

Fans speculated about a potential pregnancy after Legend, 41, released a music video for his song “Wild,” which also featured Teigen, 34. The couple romantically embraced throughout the music video, and at the end, she put her hands over a burgeoning baby bump.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Adding to the theory, Legend "liked" a tweet that read, "I am CRYING I love Chrissy and John so much this is AWESOME NEWS! Watch his new video...SO cute!!!!!!"

The supermodel and cookbook author later revealed the pregnancy on social media. "Look at this third baby s---... Oh my God." she captioned the photo, which pictured her cradling her belly while wearing black leggings.

Teigen and Legend, who wed in 2013, have openly discussed their struggles with infertility. Both Luna and Miles were conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF), although the new baby was conceived naturally.

Teigen also shared that she underwent breast reduction surgery in June. She'd gotten a negative pregnancy test result before undergoing the procedure, but she was later shocked to learn she was actually expecting.

"Oh, it's quite a story. lol," Teigen shared on a Twitter thread. "I did the routine pregnancy test you do before surgery. It said negative. It was not negative."

She goes on to explain that she's taken pregnancy tests almost every month for "many years"—including a few weeks after the surgery. "So the morning of John's album release, he wakes up at 3am to do good morning america. I woke up with him and was like man, should take my monthly test to be disappointed... I was not disappointed. But I was scared s---less. Was pretty positive you shouldn't get your boobs out while pregnant? Pretty sure."

She adds that the couple "prayed to the boob surgery gods" that everything would turn out fine—and it appears the prayers were answered. Congratulations are definitely in order for this happy couple!


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