Check Out the Most REAL Pregnancy Announcement Ever

Yup, this NSFW pregnancy announcement pretty much sums it up for many moms-to-be when they find out they are expecting. Did you have this reaction?

The first time I ever took a pregnancy test and saw a big old plus sign, I was definitely like, "Oh, sh*t!" Because I so wasn't ready to become a mom. So I very much relate to mom-of-two Courtney Woods' profanity-laced and now-viral pregnancy announcement.

Taking to Instagram to share a photo of herself, her bump, and her two young daughters, Woods' super-real pregnancy announcement also features balloons that spell out the very sentiment I felt all those years ago. Of course, just because there's a little bit of cursing-laden trepidation when it comes to welcoming a third child, doesn't mean this mama isn't thrilled about the new addition.

"We are beyond excited to announce that baby number THREE is coming! madeleine and eloise will become big sisters to our newest little babe in January and we couldn't be more happy!" Woods captioned the awesomely-honest pregnancy announcement.

"'Oh, sh*t' was literally the first thing I thought of when I saw those positive tests," Woods told Pop Sugar about the unexpected pregnancy, adding, "I mean, don't most people secretly think that?!"

"For me, I feel like the shock doesn't fully wear off until the baby is here and in my arms," Woods shared with Parents. "Right now it's all about talking to the girls about their new sibling, loving this little baby bump and staying healthy."

I've admitted that I did at one point, but I think there's also another side to finding out you're pregnant that many people don't think about. Because for those of us who have lost pregnancies, there's no "oh, sh*t" moment anymore. Were I to find out I was expecting again, I'd be so happy, I'd fall to my knees, as I know so many other moms would following loss.

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Still, I don't begrudge Woods her feelings about having another child. And I can still see the humor in her pregnancy announcement. And fortunately, the response to her offbeat announcement has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Of course there have been some negative comments but I totally expected it," Woods says. "Most people assume the baby wasn't planned—spoiler, it wasn't. We never plan since I have PCOS and for me, planning would lead to disappointment if it didn't happen. Really it's just my personality. It was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw that positive test and seemed like the perfect way to sum up all of the feelings we have as expecting moms."

Here's wishing her a happy, healthy pregnancy. It's her sense of humor that will get her through any challenges to come with three kids!

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