Can You See This Model's Baby Through Her Bump?

Fans of a Brazilian model are convinced they can see the outline of her fetus in a new baby bump photo.

Photo: Adrianna Sant'anna/Instagram

Can you see the outline of model Adrianna Sant'anna's baby in this photo? Because fans of the Brazilian beauty are convinced they can actually make out the outline of her fetus in a new bikini bump shot Sant'anna posted to her Instagram account.

In the sexy pic, the 24-year-old mom-to-be is wearing a revealing bikini, but her followers believe she is revealing more than her toned pregnancy physique. They claim the baby's head is visible just above Sant'anna's belly button, and that the fetus is curled in a reverse "C" shape underneath.

Here are some sample comments, which have since been translated, that users quickly posted upon seeing the model's photo:

"Look how cute to see the baby in her belly."

"I can see the baby in her womb pressing against her belly."

"How nice! I've seen the baby even before it's born."

But an expert interviewed by refutes the notion that it's possible to see the outline of a fetus from outside the womb. Mr. N. Pisal, a consultant gynecologist at London Gynaecology, said, "The fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid, placenta, and uterine wall. So this bulge is unlikely to be the fetus. It is more likely to be abdominal muscles pushed forward by the bulge of a pregnant uterus." He did add, however, "It will be impossible to be absolutely certain though."

One thing that is certain: No one would ever be able to make out abdominal muscles in a bump selfie of mine! I said goodbye to those about two kids ago.

What's your take?

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