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I'm going to tell you straight: By the time I delivered my twins via c-section in July, I was downright relieved to have a catheter—it was the first time in months I hadn't needed to drag my aching pregnant bod to the bathroom every 15 minutes!

The need for frequent bathroom breaks during pregnancy is a very, very real thing. But one Portland, Oregon mom claims she was fired when she was pregnant with her second child because she took too many trips to the loo.

According to People, former Maxim Integrated Products technician Dawn Steckmann "alleges in a gender and discrimination lawsuit that her bosses at the Beaverton cell phone chip manufacturer never told her she had to clock out before using the toilet"—and then fired her for theft. Why? Well, on the grounds that "not clocking out to use the restroom is stealing from the company."

This story comes on the heels of another high-profile pregnancy discrimination case being considered now by the Supreme Court. That one concerns Peggy Young, who is fighting the United Parcel Service over its treatment of her when she was an employee who became pregnant with her now-7-year-old daughter. At that time, she provided a doctor's note requesting that her role be modified to avoid heavy lifting—but instead of being reassigned, she lost her job.

What do you think: Are these cases discrimination, or fair play?

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