Can Dad-to-Be Feel Baby Kick Inside HIS Stomach?!

Ok, so it's not exactly on the market, but Huggies has developed a "pregnancy belt" that has given some dads-to-be the ultimate Father's Day present: the ability to feel his baby kick—not by putting his hands on his baby mama's bump, but in the dad's own belly! It took four months to create the belt that "replicates in real time the movements and the baby's kicks, from mom's belly to dad's belly." (If this thing were at Brookstone, I'm sure it would sell out way faster than those massage chairs!)

As you can see from the video, the dads are overcome with emotion when they feel their babies kick—as was I. I wish my husband had been able to experience that overwhelming love I felt each time our son kicked. After of course I realized that's what was happening—it took a few times before I knew what I was actually feeling. Early on the sensation felt like butterflies in my stomach, but as my son got bigger and stronger his kicks and elbow jabs were unmistakable. I'm pretty sure he was dancing nonstop—kind of like his mom and dad. While it wasn't always the most comfortable feeling, every tap brought a smile to my face, knowing that my little one was somehow communicating with me as if to say, "Hi, mom!"

As much as we moms say we wish our guys knew all that we had to go through while pregnant, I was really surprised when my hubby came down with a bad case of sympathy pains. I had morning sickness for months, and there were days when my husband felt nauseous too without any real explanation. His back and knees were also hurting right along with me—and I admit I was not sympathetic at all. Puh-lease! There's no way what he was feeling could ever compare to my sharp-as-glass pains. Or so I thought.

And while I gained 20 pounds of baby weight with my pregnancy, my husband gained 15. Who could blame him, if he was going on a donut run for me, why not get one—or two, or three—for himself? But getting the post-baby pounds off has proven to be just as hard for him as for me.

So it's fair to say that my pregnancy wasn't easy on him either (and I didn't even mention my emotional mood swings he had to endure!). If he had to suffer right alongside me with pains and belly fat, I wish he had experienced the good stuff too, and nothing beats the warm-and-cozy feeling you get when you feel your baby inside you. All men should feel what these lucky few got to. Come on Huggies, get this belt in stores stat!

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TELL US: Would you want your partner to be able to feel your baby kick in his belly? What other things form your pregnancy do you wish he could experience?


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