Plus, five more ways to encourage baby-daddy bonding.

mom and dad first trimester
Credit: Fizkes/Shutterstock

Science is one step closer to a "pregnant" man: Huggies has created a pregnancy band that allows dads to feel baby moving in utero, right alongside with mom. Amazing? Incredible? Groundbreaking? Yes, yes and yes, but you can't buy one ... yet.

The Huggies brand team in Latin America created the "one of a kind" band solely for use in a video greeting card for Father's Day, kicking up a media sensation here in the U.S. But unfortunately for dads around the world, Huggies has no current plans to produce any additional units.

So how the heck does it work? The band uses electronic sensors in another band worn by Mom to detect signals of the baby's movement in the womb, Bob Brand, a representative for Huggies' parent company Kimberly-Clark says. The signals of the movements are transmitted wirelessly to the band worn by Dad, which replicates the pattern in real time. Sounds kind of geeky, but we'll 'fess up: the commercial, featuring real dads, made us cry.

As you can see from the video, the dads are overcome with emotion when they feel their babies kick—as was I. I wish my husband had been able to experience that overwhelming love I felt each time our son kicked. After of course I realized that's what was happening—it took a few times before I knew what I was actually feeling.

Odds are though, you'll have your baby before this band or something like it finds it way to the mass market. Want to give your partner a similar bonding experience? Here are 5 ideas that will make him swoon:

  1. Put Dad's hand on your belly If you time it right, he'll feel movement. Try spooning at night, too: the baby might kick him right in the back!
  2. Have Dad talk, read and sing to baby They say it helps baby learn dad's voice ... and it's never too early to start prepping your kid for the SAT!
  3. Make him shop with you Even if shopping isn't his thing, you might catch him tearing up over a tiny onesie (size newborn) or a super-soft stuffed animal. They even make non-girlie daddy diaper bags now!
  4. Sign him up for classes It's not too early to get a head start on breastfeeding -- and research shows that women who have their partner's support are able to breastfeed longer. Infant CPR is a good one, too: Dad (and Mom) will feel less jittery if they know what to do in a life-threatening emergency.
  5. Invite him to your OB-GYN appointments Not only will he most likely get to see the baby in ultrasounds and listen to the heartbeat, it will reinforce the fact that he's on this journey with you. Because, as the Huggies commercial puts it, "they are pregnant too."