CaCee Cobb Is Having a Girl—Is That Why Her Second Pregnancy Has Been Harder?! 26840

After announcing the pregnancy with an adorable post on social media, Donald Faison has now revealed to that he and wife CaCee Cobb are expecting a baby girl!

The couple already has a son together. But apparently, according to Faison, his wife has found that pregnancy comes with unique challenges when you're carrying a baby girl.

"It's much different this time around," he said. "Before, I feel like pregnancy for my wife was a little bit easier. Right now she's having the hardest time carrying this baby. The baby's healthy thank goodness, but it gets crazy—I hear especially when you're having a girl. Things are changing on my wife."

While I'm not exactly sure what "things are changing" means specifically, I'm not one to comment on whether pregnancy is a different experience for mamas carrying boys or girls. After all, I carried one of each in my one and only pregnancy!

So I'd love to hear from you: Is it easier to carry a boy than a girl?

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