A mom recently chose to live stream some very intimate moments from her delivery. Would you ever do something like this? 

When it comes to giving birth, moms have all different ideas about how they'd like to deliver, and whom they'd like by their sides when they do so. Some of us prefer a party-like atmosphere, others don't even want our partners to witness the contractions and pushing. There's no right or wrong way to go about it—and if you're anything like Rebecca Meldrum, you're brave enough to virtually invite the public into your delivery room.

Meldrum, the blogger behind Mrs. Meldrum, just made headlines for live-streaming parts of her delivery. Meldrum had a complicated pregnancy, and her doctors chose to induce her at 36 weeks...but the induction failed. The situation had to have been scary, but that didn't stop Meldrum from broadcasting live via Channel Mum's Facebook page in a series of videos. In addition to the unsuccessful induction, Meldrum was also dealing with the possibility of Zika exposure and concerns over her placenta. Despite all this, Meldrum appears so calm and pleasant in all her videos—honestly, this woman is a rock star.

Obviously, many women wouldn't want to broadcast their childbirth experiences the way Meldrum opted to, and there's absolutely no harm in that. But, we have to say it: Meldrum's honesty is pretty refreshing. So many of us who are pregnant for the first time have no real idea of what happens during childbirth, or what the process really looks like—oh sure, we've all seen labor scenes in movies, but an honest account of the contractions, the complications, the fear and the pacing of it all? Well, those are hard to come by—and mamas like Meldrum are making it a bit easier.

Would you ever broadcast your delivery? Maybe not on social media, but would you share a stream of what's going down with your closest friends and family members? Or are you more of an only-my-doctor's-eyes-down-there-please mom-to-be?