Billy Joel is about to become a dad of three...and it's happening even sooner than you might think! Let's just say his wife is WAY past the first trimester. 

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
October 18, 2017

Music legend Billy Joel is preparing to be a third-time father: His wife, Alexis Roderick, is pregnant!

Joel and Roderick are parents to Della Rose, 2, and Joel also has a 31-year-old daughter, Alexa Ray, with ex-wife Christie Brinkley. Joel admitted he hopes Baby No. 3 will take after big sister-to-be Della—and he won't have to wait very long to find out if that's the case.

“This one is pretty good. She sleeps through the night. I hope the next one will," he told the Belfast Telegraph. "We are due next month."

That's right: Roderick is nearing the end of her pregnancy. As for Joel expecting a baby in his sixties...well, let's just say Mick Jagger has a few years on him, and he's still doing the new dad thing. Joel is in good company!

No word on the baby's sex or exact due date, but we can't wait to see how Joel adjusts to becoming a father of three! We can only hope this inspires some incredible new music...