The actor helped some expectant Cubs fans tell their family they're expecting.

When it comes to pregnancy reveals, this one's going to be a hard one to top. Actor Bill Murray just helped fellow Cubs fans Robbie and Kristen Schloss announce that they're expecting via a video shot live during Game 3 of the National League Division Series.

In the clip—which Robbie later shared with Love What Matters—Murray looks directly into the camera and says, "Hey, I got news for you—You're going to be grandparents!" He then points to Robbie, who announces, "We're having a baby!"

Check it out:

So cool! So how did the whole thing go down?

"We were sitting next to Bill Murray behind home plate during Monday's Chicago Cubs game," the expectant dad explained in his post. "We talked casually during the game and he playfully switched glasses with Kirsten for a minute since his shades make the entire stadium turn blue. After the Cubs win I told Bill I needed him to make our pregnancy announcement. Kirsten struggled with fertility so we had decided not to make it public at first but this was too fun to pass up. Bill gladly recorded the message for us and we got a few cheers from the crowd still standing around us. My father-in-law is a long time Cubs fan so it was pretty awesome sending this to him. Bill Murray, thank you for making my parents cry!"

Here's hoping they can get Mr. Murray to make a repeat performance for the gender reveal!

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