Big Sis Stars in This Family's Sweet Pregnancy Video

When I found out I was pregnant last Thanksgiving, I immediately downloaded an app that allowed me to chronicle my growing bump week by week, filing the photos in a neat little album I always had handy as a fun reference on my phone—and frankly, may never look at again.

But some people sure know how to make folks like me look like underachievers.

Take, for instance, Mark and Anna Sansone, who made the sweetest stop-motion video, now on YouTube, which documents Anna's pregnancy week by week as her cute bump grows. Making the whole thing even more precious is the movie's guest star: the couple's daughter, Amelie. The soon-to-be big sis romps in and out of the frame, at times pushing a baby doll in a stroller, and at times riding a little trike. The two-minute vid culminates with the family kneeling together when Amelie gives her mom's belly a kiss, and the new baby seems to magically appear. (If only all new arrivals really came with such minimal effort, am I right?)

One thing I love about this family's special way of documenting their experience is how is captures the essence of the marathon of pregnancy: Laundry and toys come in and out of frame, and a cozy family life just continues to happen over the course of what is actually a very long and incredibly special waiting period while a new baby incubates.

The Sansone family is no stranger to the viral pregnancy documentation game: When they were expecting their first child, they created a video in a similar spirit that went on to garner close to 12 million views since it posted two years ago. I wouldn't be surprised to see this precious sequel become the family's second viral hit!

Check it out:

What did you do to document your pregnancy?

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Photo: Courtesy of YouTube/bornonboard

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