When the superstar, who's pregnant with twins, was accused of getting lip injections, her rep released a badass statement and got so real about pregnancy.

Maressa Brown
May 06, 2017
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Since the minute Beyonce announced her second pregnancy, tongues have been wagging about everything from her growing baby bump to her maternity style. Of course, all of that talk is par for the course for Queen Bey. Not as expected, though, were recent reports that she got lip injections. Based on one of the singer's recent selfies on Instagram, MediaTakeOut claimed that Blue Ivy's mama recently underwent the cosmetic treatment. Now, the singer's spokesperson Yvette Noel-Schure as released a statement to Gossip Cop in light of the eyeroll-inducing accusation.

Pointing out how pregnancy affects women's entire bodies—and often our faces and feet — the clapback is so on-point.

“What do you know about the effects of pregnancy on a woman’s entire body?" the statement reads. "Please tell me. Did you know that in addition to weight gain there is often a dramatic change in the blood flow in the system and increased fluid causing swelling? Do you know that often women’s gums get swollen? Do you know that it sometimes affects our speech, our ability to chew intently and a host of other things?”

The statement continues, "But the sacrifice to our faces, our feet and our entire bodies is something we welcome because we bring beautiful humans into the world who will one day combat your hate and negativity. I stood silent during Beyonce’s first pregnancy when you thought it was okay to bully her like the cowards you are, when you accused her of never being pregnant, but I simply cannot this time.”

“You are the saddest individuals and picking on a pregnant lady is tantamount to possessing the coldest, despicable heart,” Noel-Schure concludes. “You need to find something else to do with your time and maybe stop by a store that has happiness on sale because you need to buy some.”

Bravo! More of this please. Also, lesson learned: Gossip reporters would do well to think twice before throwing around false accusations about Sasha Fierce, particularly while she's expecting!



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