The 12 Best Pregnancy Pillows Reviewers Swear by to Help Them Sleep

These pillows give you all the support your changing body needs, though you’ll still have to get up to pee 100 times.

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Best Pregnancy Pillows
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A sure way to get a pregnant person to see red is to tell them to "get rest while you can" before the baby comes. Sure, we'd love to store up that energy for later (as if that's a thing), but for so many reasons sleeping while pregnant is difficult and uncomfortable. When you have a good maternity pillow or body pillow, however, it's a little more possible to drift off comfortably—at least until you have to pee again or wake up from a very vivid dream that your baby is full-grown and demanding keys to the car. We can't help with the latter, but we can provide you with a list of the best pregnancy pillow options available for you.

There will certainly be people who tell you not to bother with a new maternity pillow and instead commandeer various regular pillows to go under your bump and between your legs. But since there are so many affordable pregnancy and body pillows out there, you deserve one that may grant you some much-needed sleep. It is, after all, for the benefit of your baby, even as they are currently robbing you of your favorite sleeping position.

The Best Pregnancy Pillows

When Should You Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

You don't even need to be expecting to use a pregnancy pillow. But there are various reasons pregnant people may need to change their sleep position and pillows, depending on which pregnancy symptoms they experience in which trimester. For example, heartburn and nausea in the first trimester could be alleviated by sleeping on your side instead of your back. And people who are normally stomach sleepers will have to quit that early on if they have sore breasts.

But the biggest reason people start to need a body pillow or a wedge pillow is that sleeping on your back is not recommended after 20 weeks of pregnancy. That's because sleeping on your back causes the weight of the uterus to press on the vena cava, a major blood vessel, which can then slow the flow of oxygen to your baby and make you dizzy or nauseous. At the same time, that growing bump can feel like it's pulling you down when you lie on your side, and you may experience lower back or hip pain as your body changes. Another fun pregnancy bonus: Your increased blood flow could be making you feel hotter than you used to. There are pillows that can ease all of these symptoms, at least a little bit, by supporting your bump, elevating your leg, cooling your body, and propping up your back in a fluffy embrace.

How We Chose the Best Pregnancy Pillows

To come up with the list below, we looked at the highest-rated pillows with the most reviews on Amazon and Buybuy Baby. We also made sure to find pillows that suited various needs a pregnant person might have. Some may be looking for a budget-friendly option they can use for this limited time, while others are willing to drop some extra money on a body pillow that can also be used decoratively long after the baby has come.

Best All-Around: Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillows

Amazon's best-selling body pillow has more than 4,300 five-star reviews. A rectangular pillow filled with shredded memory foam, it's supportive without being too hard. The material is GreenGuard Gold certified, so you know it won't be releasing any harmful fumes. The bamboo cover also allows for airflow and sweat evaporation, keeping you cool all night.

"I'm 22 weeks pregnant and have been having a really hard time sleeping," wrote one customer. "I didn't want to buy one of those obnoxious preggo pillows. I got it last night and finally slept through the night—nothing short of a miracle."

To buy: Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow, $47.99 with coupon (originally $69.99);

Best Eco-Friendly Option: PharMeDoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillows

PharMeDoc U-shaped pregnancy pillows are Amazon's best-selling maternity pillows, mostly because people love the supportive U-shape that allows for side sleeping on both sides and the affordable price. This version has a cover made with 100 percent organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard certified), and it's filled with 100 percent recycled polyester. Not only will you be comfortable physically, but you'll know you can reduce the impact of your pillow purchase on the climate disaster our kids will inherit (womp womp).

"I love that it's made from organic materials, especially since I spend most of my time with my face buried in it," wrote one person who bought this in their second trimester. "And there's no funky chemical smell! This pillow is my new best friend!"

To buy: PharMeDoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow, $42.95;

Best Decorative: Buffy Wiggle Pillow and Cover

Best Pregnancy Pillows

The Buffy Wiggle Pillow is brand new, so we have no customer reviews to go by, but we decided to include it here anyway because it shows so much promise. Reviewers love Buffy's environmentally friendly comforters and Cloud pillow, and it's safe to say they'll have positive feelings about this new arrival. The Wiggle is a long cylindrical pillow that's flexible enough to contort into various shapes to suit your pregnant—or non-pregnant—body. Like other Buffy products, it has a lyocell (rayon) cover made from eucalyptus and a filling made from recycled PET plastic. The outside cover, which is a soft faux-shearling texture, is also made of recycled materials and comes in pleasing cream, puff, or toast colors.

To buy: Buffy Wiggle Pillow and Cover, $138;

Best Wedge Shape: Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillows

If you are already a side sleeper in non-pregnant times, your head and neck might be fine without a new pillow. But what you may like is a small wedge pillow that fits just under that bump as it grows heavier. This is great news for anyone you may share a smaller bed with, since you won't be dominating the space with a huge cushion.

"My hips were killing me, my back hurt, and I was trying to use a body pillow to prop up my 16-week bump. It was awful," one customer wrote of why they bought the wedge at 2:00 a.m. "It's magic, I swear! ... It's small enough that I can sleep on it and still cuddle with my partner, which wasn't an option at all with the wall of body pillow between him and [me] previously."

To buy: Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow, $15.99;

Best 2-in-1 Option: Bamibi Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillows

This two-in-one pillow should convince anyone who doesn't think their own discomfort is worth an investment in a pregnancy pillow. Unfolded, it's a cozy body pillow that supports a pregnant body on one side. Once the baby has arrived, you can wrap it around your belly as a nursing pillow, or tie the ends together to prop them up on their own (though you definitely do not want to leave any baby unattended on a pillow). Remove the cotton cover and toss it in the washing machine any time you need to.

"I was 20 weeks pregnant by the time I ordered this pillow, and was starting to experience horrible hip and lower back pain," one shopper wrote. "It had gotten to the point where I was waking up anywhere between three and four times a night. That all stopped once I got this pillow. It's incredible, and I highly recommend it for anyone out there that's having sleepless nights during pregnancy."

To buy: Bamibi Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow, $44.99;

Best C-Shape: Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillows

The Snoogle has been a longtime favorite of moms we know (including this writer) for the C-shaped design that's as quirky as its name. The hook-up top cradles your head and leaves space for your shoulder. The middle supports the belly, and the hook at the bottom goes between your legs to maintain a comfortable alignment. It leaves your back free, so you can still be the little spoon and also just flip the whole thing over whenever you want to switch sides. Because it's flexible and not stiff, you can fold it and squish it in various ways to prop yourself up in bed when you're feeding the baby.

"Used this sucker for two pregnancies and passed it around to whoever needed it also," wrote one Snoogle fan. "This pillow is a life saver for comfort and hold ups very well!"

To buy: Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow, $52.99 (originally $65.99);

Best Cooling U-Shape: PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow With Cooling Cover

Best Pregnancy Pillows

This pillow is the same as the organic cotton PharMeDoc above, with a contoured U-shape that hugs your body front and back for head-to-belly and back support that prevents you from rolling to that forbidden back sleeping position. But if you're a hot sleeper, you don't have to worry about this pillow clinging to you all over, because the cover is made from 45 percent polyester, 45 percent nylon, and 10 spandex jersey fabric, designed to help body heat evaporate.

"Not my first child, not my first pillow, but by FAR the best, and I mean absolute happy-mommy-BEST, pillow I have ever had," one mom wrote. "The cooling cover is perfectly that; it's always the delightful cool side of the pillow."

To buy: PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow With Cooling Cover, $42.95 (originally $99.99);

Coziest U-Shape: Queen Rose U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillows

This is another pregnancy pillow with more than 4,300 five-star reviews, so it's certainly doing something right. The design is similar to other U-shaped pillows, propping you up on your side and preventing any rolling to the back in your sleep. It also features contouring around the belly, and it's available in three sizes, from 55 inches to 65 inches long, to ensure that the bulging parts support the belly and legs just right. The foam filling can be removed and replaced, so you can also customize just how firm it is. What really sets this pillow apart from others, though, is the velvety cotton cover.

But don't go telling this customer that it's made from such mundane materials, as they're convinced otherwise: "This pillow has to have been made by elves from Narnia, and it has to have been filled with downy fluff and the fibers of unicorn hide." Another customer went even further: "I'm in love and leaving my husband to start my new life with my pregnancy pillow. It will just be the two of us (and I guess the baby? Maybe?) relaxing on the beach, sleeping soundly, wrapped around each other like little monkeys, with not a care in the world and not an ache in our spines."

To buy: Queen Rose U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, $42.95;

Best Side Sleeper: Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillows
Buy Buy BABY

Technically, all pregnancy pillows are for side sleepers, but this one is much different. Place it under your hips when you lie down, and it will cushion both your belly and your lower back; and if you turn to the other side, it will continue doing the same.

"I had the big full body pillow but hated how much of the bed it took up," a happy reviewer wrote. "I felt like I was pushing my husband off the bed. This provided the support where I needed it and helped me stay on my side."

To buy: Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow, $29.99;

Best for Tall People: Meiz Full Body 65-inch Pregnancy Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillows

Tall people often find the contours of some of the other pregnancy pillows hit them at all the wrong places. This extra-long pillow, which measures a full 65 inches, solves that problem and more. It comes with a cooling cover that's also soft on the skin.

"Prior to this pillow I was stacking anywhere from four to six pillows around my body to get comfortable," one 6'2" pregnant person wrote. "I am only using this pillow plus one other normal pillow and finally got two nights of good sleep!"

To buy: Meiz Full Body 65-inch Pregnancy Pillow, $53.96 (originally $87.99);

Best for Cuddling: Boppy Cuddle Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillows
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One more Boppy shape can accommodate people who want belly and leg support while still using their regular pillow for their head. This pillow resembles a comma or apostrophe, with a circular part to go under the belly and the little hook to curl between the legs. We suspect it's called the Cuddle Pillow because the unobtrusive size allows for more cuddling with a partner and kids. Another factor in its favor: The whole pillow and its cover are machine washable.

"The [comma] shape is my favorite part as it fits perfectly between my knees without being too thick or bulky," one buyer wrote. "[Having] the larger part in front also gives me some lower belly support and makes side sleeping much more comfortable. The compact nature means when I need to flip over and switch sides, the Boppy pillow comes with me easily and hands free without a need to reposition."

To buy: Boppy Cuddle Pillow, $39.99;

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