This baby, who was born during Hurricane Harvey, earned himself the middle name....well, you can probably guess where this one is going.


Kallen and Dru Wheeler have quite a story to tell when asked to describe their son's birth. The parents found themselves in a path of destruction when Hurricane Harvey hit Beaumont, Texas—and Dru went into labor right as flood water started to rise in the couple's home. Though she was still a week ahead of her due date, she knew her baby wasn't willing to wait out the storm.

"I had been up since 4:30 a.m., carefully counting how far apart the contractions were because I just couldn't believe it was happening right then. I woke Kallen up around 6 to tell him the news," Dru told

"[I felt] shock," the mom added. "I just sat on the bed with my two-year-old while Kallen waded aimlessly around our house for about 5 minutes. We were caught between two hard circumstances. Finally in my head I just had to decide which was more important and that was getting me to the hospital. Kallen told me to call 911."

Being in labor during a natural disaster must have been terrifying (as if the storm itself wasn't scary enough!), but Dru told us her son's birth went smoothly. "Labor went very well. No complications and the nurses and doctor were so accommodating," she said.

There was a catch, though. While Dru was able to make it to the hospital in time, thanks to a high-clearance emergency truck, her husband and their elder child didn't fit in the vehicle. "Kallen didn't make it to the hospital in time," she said. "My doctor suggested FaceTime. So when the time came I had him on a call, then they set my phone up on the window and he watched from there while he packed up and got in the car that was taking him to the hospital."

Dru gave birth to a healthy baby boy. And while the hurricane undoubtedly made her labor and delivery much more difficult, she chose to honor the disaster during which he son came into the world: They named him Noah Harvey.

"We had to commemorate what he put us through somehow," Dru said of the decision to give him the middle name Harvey. "Now we have a constant reminder that as a family we can do hard things.​"