This couple surprised their friends and family members (including their dog!) with their pregnancy news, and then captured their reactions in super-slow motion.
fake interview pregnancy reveal video
Credit: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Soon-to-be first-time parents Ciera and Danny Woods decided to announce their pregnancy news in a slightly unconventional, but totally genius and adorable way. They set up fake interviews with their close friends and family members, including their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and even the family dog, setting them up in front of a camera and then recording their reactions when they broke the happy news. The couple posted a video of everyone's reactions in super-slow motion on YouTube, adding a tearjerker tune to make you well up as you watch.

We first see the expectant couple setting up the interviews, as their subjects puzzle over what kinds of questions they will be asked, and why they are being interviewed on camera in the first place. "What is this for?" wonders Danny's mom.

Soon they have their answer, and the reactions are heartwarming.

"Grandparents starting in April 2016," reads a sign handed to Ciera's parents. Their expressions of surprise, as captured in slow motion, allow viewers to enjoy every nuance of the new grandparents' joy. It's incredibly sweet.

But I also love Danny's dad's face when he finds out he's about to become a grandfather. His huge, round eyes and shocked grimace are hysterical, and pretty much how my mom looked when I told her about my first pregnancy. (Oh, and then my mom couldn't speak for 24 hours. But that's a different story.)

Even the Woods' dog seems surprised at the news that a baby will soon push him out of first place.

I only wish I'd had this idea years ago when I revealed I was pregnant. I'd have loved to see how my family members looked in slow motion upon learning about our new addition!

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