Reality star Audrina Patridge offers an awesome suggestion for dealing with delivery room drama. #Genius!

audrina patridge and kirra
Credit: Audrina Patridge/Instagram

Birth can be scary. As in, "OMG am I really about to do this?!" scary. For star mom Audrina Patridge, the prospect of having to undergo a C-section due to her daughter's breech position was not only a major bummer, but understandably terrifying. Luckily, she found an ingenious way to tune out her fears, and face her delivery, with her fiancé Corey Bohan by her side.

"I had the doctors turn up the music in the delivery room so I wouldn't focus on what was happening," the mama to 2-month-old Kirra told People magazine, adding "I was kind of scared and Corey just kept talking to me."

Soothing music has certainly helped me to relax in certain situations (like when my three kids are all screaming at me at once, and I shut the bathroom door and tune to Pandora's spa channel and take deep breaths so I don't go crazy!), but in this case, super-zen songs weren't on Patridge's playlist. According to People, Train's upbeat dance anthem, "Hey Soul Sister" was blasting as Kirra arrived earthside. Hey, whatever works! And clearly this catchy and fun ditty did the trick. Because despite her fears, the new mom admits about her C-section, "It wasn't bad at all!"

Especially considering that now Patridge and Bohan are parents to a beautiful baby girl! Indeed, it seems the fashion-forward star is loving every second of motherhood, telling People, "Every day I look at her and I can't believe she's mine. She's so cute, it melts my heart."

I feel you, Audrina. Because even though my last delivery was soul-tryingly brutal, I know I would do it all over again to meet my own precious baby girl. If only I'd tried playing music to take my mind off the pain, instead of getting sucked into the vortex of my own howls! Not sure I'd pick Train, however. I'm thinking Enya is more my speed in the delivery room!

What song did you or would you select to help you cope with delivery fears and pain?

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