smart women and pregnancy

A new study conducted by Satoshi Kanazawa at the London School of Economics claims to prove that women with higher IQs are less likely to get pregnant and have children. The findings showed that for every 15 points a woman's IQ increases, she is 25 percent less likely to want a baby. Even with controls for education and economics, the results were the same: Smarter women chose not to get pregnant and not have kids.

As a woman with a brain and a baby, I find this very hard to believe. Sure, I buy that the more intelligent a woman is the more likely she is to be picky about the men she's with; the more likely she is to use birth control (unless she's trying to get pregnant); and the more likely she is to want to advance in her career before having children. But to make a blanket statement that women who choose not to have kids are more intelligent than those that do is just ridiculous.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and mom of Chelsea, is pretty darn smart. So is two-time Nobel Prize-winning physicist Marie Curie; the first woman to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court; Sandra Day O'Connor; former First Lady and political activist Eleanor Roosevelt; Poet Laureate Maya Angelou; anthropologist Margaret Mead; and the former prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi. One thing they all have in common besides being smart, kick-ass ladies: They are all moms.

So I'm calling BS on this study! I know way too many brilliant moms (including my own), and moms-to-be in my life to believe that women who have babies are less intelligent.

TELL US: Do you believe that smarter women are less likely to get pregnant and have kids? 

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