American Greetings' New Video About Infertility Will Give You All the Feels

A new video from the gretting card company shows the positive affect a kind word can have for someone struggling with infertility.

When you're trying to start a family and get pregnant, waiting for those two little blue lines to appear can be a difficult, gut-wrenching experience—especially if you're facing infertility. In the United States, 1 in 10 couples will come face-to-face with infertility, which is why this new video from American Greetings hits home.

The video starts in the restroom, where we see a couple disappointed to discover their pregnancy test is negative. It then takes viewers through everyday living while trying to get pregnant. From restless, sleepless nights sans newborn to attending baby showers for friends, it gives a bittersweet glimpse into what many men and women feel during this difficult process.

The turning point of the video—spoiler alert!—is when a friend notices her pal's sadness and decides to give her a card, juts to let her know she's there for her. It's a sweet moment that may just bring tears to your eyes.

For Christina Halper Gorini, the video struck a chord: After experiencing infertility herself, an IVF treatment clicked and she's now expecting her first child.

"This really hit home for me. I love that such a big brand is speaking out about infertility in such a human way," she told "Infertility is a silent sadness that, as much as you try to keep it locked inside, over time, the pain is all over your face."

As sad as she was at times, Halper Gorini says the support of others in her life made a huge difference. "I am grateful for those in my life that silently sat with me, when maybe they didn't have the words," she said. "It was the best gift they could have given me."


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