An extraordinary delivery technique leads to premature twin babies being born five weeks apart.

kristen and ian miller
Credit: VivaHD/YouTube

Shortly after getting married, Knoxville, Tennessee, couple Kristen and Ian Miller learned they were expecting twins. The mom-to-be told WBIR news that her pregnancy was normal until about 22 weeks, when she started experiencing contractions and soon went into labor.

Doctors told Kristen the goal was for her to make it 24 weeks before delivering the babies. Incredibly, according to Ian, though Kristen's water broke at 22 weeks and one day, baby Micah wasn't born until 24 weeks and one day; he weighed just over a pound.

Then Kristen's medical team recommended something extraordinary: a delayed interval delivery, which meant Micah's twin would be born at a later time. The Millers quickly agreed. "If there's anything that you can do to keep one of 'em in longer, we want to do that," Kristen said.

She was placed on strict bed rest, and made it another five-and-a-half weeks before her daughter Madelyn was ready to be born.

The "younger" twin is now breathing on her own and spends her days in the same ICU as her "big" brother Micah. The babies are expected to remain at the hospital for at least another two months, where their parents are keeping a nearly non-stop vigil by their sides.

Here's hoping this miraculous family of four gets to go home soon, and enjoy life outside of the hospital walls.

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