Amanda Seyfried's Fiancé Is Truly in Awe of Her "Amazing" Pregnancy

The Newsroom actor is expecting his first child with the Mean Girls star, and he couldn't be any more adoring of the mom-to-be.

Amanda Seyfried and fiance Thomas Sadoski
Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Actor and dad-to-be Thomas Sadoski is clearly so in love with Amanda Seyfried, with whom he is expecting his first child! The Newsroom star talked to Us Weekly at the premiere of The Last Word last week, and he admitted he's “more terrified than I’ve ever been in my entire life” about becoming a father. But it sounds like the peace of mind Sadoski, 40, does have about the next chapter comes from Seyfried, 31, who he absolutely gushed about.

"I am more proud of Amanda than I’ve ever been of anybody in my entire life because she’s been an incredible mom already, and we haven’t even gotten to go time yet," Sadoski shared. "She’s just so thoughtful, careful, loving, caring, giving, kind, generous, fun, funny. You can see it all going in there. And that level of attention that is being paid already, with all of that focus and energy and that kindness and goodness of spirit and heart, it’s an amazing thing to witness.”

Wow! Could he be more head over heels? Sadoski is also a huge fan of his fiancée's work. "First and foremost, she’s one of the artists in this business that I have a tremendous amount — and have had a tremendous amount — of respect for for a very long time," Sadoski said.

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The couple, who met on the set of The Way We Get By, couldn't be any cuter if they tried. So excited to see them become a family of three!

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