Brian Austin Green Will Do Anything for Pregnant Megan Fox 26513

I have to give Anger Management star Brian Austin Green (who will forever be David Silver to Beverly Hills, 90210 fans like myself) credit where credit is due. He is one incredibly smart man! When People magazine asked him how he's helping to keep his wife, Megan Fox, happy during her second pregnancy, his answer was simple: "I just do whatever she asks for and I say 'Yes,' no matter what it may be."

Hmmm...if I was Megan, I know what I would ask for if I was pregnant again: Daily foot rubs? Uh-huh. Back massages in the morning after a restless night and again in the evening to help take away the pain and lull me to sleep? Check and check. Fill cravings for super-spicy Indian food with a take-out run? Yes, please. Go for groceries at all hours of the night for salt & vinegar potato chips, juicy pineapple and pints of ice cream in every flavor imaginable? That's the ticket!

Oh-so-sweet Brian's so willing to do anything and everything for his baby mama for all of the right reasons—because he loves her and he's in absolute awe of her ability to handle the ups and downs that come with pregnancy. "She's doing great," he told People. "I couldn't do it!" Well, Megan, already has done it. She gave birth to son, Noah, just 11 months ago.

I agree, Megan is a superwoman. Having back-to-back pregnancies has to be tough, and soon enough, she'll have two kids under two—which will be challenging too. But it sounds like she's going to have a lot of help with hands-on dad, Brian, by her side. All men should take a page out of Brian's Pregnancy Playbook!

TELL US: What have you been asking your guy to do for you since you've been pregnant?

Image of Megan Fox and David Austin Green courtesy of Shutterstock.