By Alesandra Dubin
July 08, 2014
A Pregnant Model Walked (and Rocked!) Chanel's Runway 26746

Here's something you don't see every day on a high-fashion runway: a pregnant strutter.

Yes, Karl Lagerfeld sent his model muse, Ashleigh Good, down the haute couture runway in a bridal gown that clearly showed her real-life pregnancy.

Lagerfeld, who isn't exactly known for embracing body types larger than the dimensions of a typical fashion model, held hands with Good as she strutted in a dazzling white gown with rich gold accents—a look that appeared fit for royalty.

The move is bold not just because a designer chose to employ a pregnant model for a high-profile runway walk. But it also makes a statement about the variety of now-ordinary ways, once considered nontraditional or even scandalous, that brides take their own walks down the aisle. (We recently covered a study of millennial parents that showed a whopping 64 percent of them have at least one baby outside of marriage.)

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Sure, such wedding a gown may fall well outside the range of accessibility for most pregnant brides. But it's easy to picture on any number of celebrities in Hollywood, who frequently set examples of marriage with—or after—baby bump.

What do you think of Chanel's pregnant bride example?

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Karl Lagerfeld photo courtesy of Shutterstock