Closeup of Pregnant Woman's Belly

Let's face it: Pregnancy can be challenging —both physically and emotionally—whether you're 21 or 41. But as more and more women delay having children, we no longer bat an eye when mamas of a certain age, from celebs like Halle Berry to our coworkers and next-door neighbors, appear to sail through pregnancy and deliver healthy, bouncing babies.

But a new study from the University of Eastern Finland proves what many older moms already know: Pregnancy can be riskier when you're of an "advanced maternal age" (that's charming medical speak meaning "over the age of 35").

Yikes! However, the study points out that identifying older moms-to-be in these at-risk categories could mean earlier detection of complications and lead to healthier moms and babies—and that's good news for moms of any age.