Two working moms have created a new online resource where you can get insider info on many companies' maternity leave policies, pay for women, culture toward parents, and more.
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Many women shy away from asking potential employers about their maternity leave policies for fear of being discriminated against. And as New York City executive and mom Georgene Huang found out firsthand, resources with details on leave policies for new parents are shockingly hard to come by—just five Fortune 100 companies explain their family leave benefits on their websites.

"There are so many employee review sites out there, but nothing on this specifically," Huang told the New York Post. That is how she, along with another working mom, Romy Newman, came up with the idea for a new online resource called Fairy Godboss.

The Yelp-like site describes itself this way: "Our professional community reviews and crowdsources information so you can learn what women are paid, the hours they work, and whether they believe their company is fair. We're a place to discuss work-life balance, working motherhood, and find women to help you, wherever you are in your career."

Fairy Godboss offers a range of information working women really want to know, like whether an employer offers childcare, and what the company culture is like—for example, will you be judged harshly for leaving work at 5 to pick up your kids at daycare? There's even a maternity leave resource center that lists how many weeks of paid and unpaid leave many high-profile companies offer. Women can also share/vent about their workplace experiences, completely anonymously.

One key difference between this site and Yelp is that the content is curated, so pure negativity or slander is deleted. And the site's intention is also to help companies improve their workplaces for women. "We want this to be a tool to bring change to the workplace," Newman says. "What we found was that often companies are trying their best, they just don't know."

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.