What Your Guy's Testicle Size Says About Him 26514

You always hear that "size does matter" when it comes to a man's, um, manhood. But a new study says it's not a guy's twig, but his berries that women should really take note of. And in this case, bigger isn't better. That's right, ladies, good things do indeed come in small packages.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science found a correlation between the size of a man's cojones and his parenting skills. In layman's terms, the bigger the balls the more semen; the more semen ejaculated at a time, the more likely a man is to be an absentee dad. This is especially important because children with more involved dads have been proven to have higher IQs and fewer behavioral problems.

The evolutionary theory behind the findings is that men are divided into two camps: the function of those with bigger balls and more testosterone is to proactively procreate; those with smaller stones are made to nurture and protect the offspring. This study follows the lead of similar research that has suggested that men with higher testosterone levels are less interested in raising kids. But a man's testosterone level can vary over his lifetime because of age, diet and general health, while the size of his family jewels stays consistent.

So if you believe this study—and I'm still not sure I do—taking a peek at a man's sack while between the sheets could give you a clue about what type of family man he'd be. Just don't get caught staring!

TELL US: Do you believe the size of a man's pills really determines how good of a father he'll be? Or do you think this study is totally nuts?

Image of guy in boxer briefs courtesy of Shutterstock.