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Last Mother's Day, I was edging into my third trimester. No, I didn't have babies yet, so technically I wasn't a mom. But I'd already been working hard: Twin pregnancy isn't always a walk in the park! Because my family is superstitious, we didn't really do gifts. But if they had been inclined to honor me with gifts as a mama-to-be, here are a few things I think would have made perfect choices. And they might be just right for the preggo in your life—including yourself!

Mama baubles: I'm a sucker for jewelry—and I especially love items that feel personal and have a story to tell. (I'm currently wearing a necklace with two small discs stamped with initials for each of my twins.) A cool way to give a mom-to-be such a piece is with a gift from Spartina 449. The brand offers a super easy interface on its website to create personalized bracelets, wraps, bangles, necklaces, and wallets with charms. Charms for mothers could reflect the number of children they have, birthdates—and even initials if names are already known. (Want!)

A chic pregnancy dress: One of the trickier parts about pregnancy dressing was having the right thing to wear for a particular occasion—whether it be a Mother's Day brunch, a babymoon, a wedding, or in my case a few glam work events for which I felt a little un-pulled-together when standing next to a pregnant Kerry Washington. Help make things a little easier for her with the gift of an elegant occasion dress, like this floral maxi from Tiffany Rose.

A little at-home glam: Speaking of occasions, mamas-to-be tend to have many on their calendars—like their own baby showers! Help her feel her best with a gift from GlamSquad, which dispatches hair and makeup stylists right to her home at a non-celebrity price point. Also a great way to help her look her best ahead of a maternity photo shoot!

New-mama-friendly wardrobe: I've written here several times about how unprepared I was for my postpartum body in the transition phase. Help mama ease into that period with a subscription to Le Tote, which allows users to work with online stylists to find the best type of styles and brands for their body type after the baby comes—all from the comfort of home. Pay for her first month and have her first box of clothes and accessories shipped right to her door... because you know how easy shopping at the mall is with a newborn. Not!

A statement accessory: Help her accessorize that look with a gorgeous piece of statement jewelry that commands the attention she deserves in such a special phase of life. I love the bright colors and tassels from Mad Jewels. The new "Sunset" necklace pops with orange, pink, and a gorgeous geode—all inspired by my favorite thing: travel.

Organic body care: Expecting moms are as careful about what goes on their body as what goes in it. Give a body care gift from 80 Acres (which takes its name from the 80 acres of olive trees that grow at McEvoy Ranch). The luxe-feeling line is infused with estate-produced organic oil, and all products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and BPA—and were never tested on animals.

Massage: Man, did my body ache in pregnancy. I had back pain by my second trimester, and by the third trimester, it felt like little ice picks were stabbing my feet nonstop. Give her a massage right in her own home with Soothe, which sends out therapists in various cities around the country in as little as an hour.

Luxe cocolates: Find me a pregnant woman who doesn't crave chocolate! IfOnly (which sells only items and experiences that benefit charities) has a box that's about as far from a last-minute drugstore chocolate box gift as you can go: IfOnly collaborated with some of the world's most acclaimed chefs to present the Constellation Chocolate Collection. For instance, you get Michael Mina's sophisticated caramel, vanilla, and Maldon sea salt blend, and a smooth dark truffle with single origin cacao by Traci Des Jardins. Sales benefit the James Beard Foundation.

A fun gag gift: Know a mama-to-be who's just plain had it with swollen feet and acid reflux and is ready to push that kid out already? Or one who's expressed a lot of anixety about delivery? Consider the wallet-friendly gift of a cheeky Dammit Doll. It's a silly stress reliever during pregnancy (throw it at the wall!) or as a delivery bag add.

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Alesandra Dubin is a new twin mom. She's also a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of lifestyle blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

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