Kelsey Davis shared the powerful story of how her 8-year-old daughter helped deliver her baby sister—and now, she wants to be a midwife when she grows up!

By Maressa Brown
February 21, 2018

Kelsey Davis, a mom from Arizona, is making headlines for the heartwarming birth story she recently shared with Love What Matters. Last year, Davis' eldest daughter, Brooke couldn't have been more thrilled to help deliver her baby sister Summer. But leading up to the happy moment, there had been quite a bit of heartbreak for the family.

“When Brooke was 3 years old, we surprised her with an ultrasound picture telling her that in about nine months she was going to be a big sister!” Davis wrote to Love What Matters. “I curled her hair, put some lip gloss on her, a pretty dress, and we went to a big field of grass nearby where I snapped some pictures of her holding a chalkboard that read, ‘I’m going to be a big sister!’ We posted the pictures on Facebook and told all of our family. We were all so ecstatic!”

But not long after that joyful moment, Davis tragically suffered a pregnancy loss. “Brooke was absolutely heartbroken,” she explained. “She cried so hard and didn’t understand why. As her mom, I told her that God decided to keep the baby with him and that the baby was too precious for earth. That seemed to help her find comfort in the loss. Throughout the next four years, I went through two more miscarriages. Together, her dad and I decided not to tell her of the other two as we didn’t want her heart to be crushed again.”

So heart-wrenching.

Of course, Davis was inclined to hold off a bit when she got a positive pregnancy result in 2015. Once she was "far along enough," she told Brooke, and baby Ellie was born on January 3, 2016. Then, in 2017, Davis learned she was pregnant with another baby girl. “Three girls, just like my mom had,” she noted. “I was so excited to have them be able to experience the type of friendship I have with my two sisters.”

Brooke had been in the delivery room for Ellie's birth, and for baby #3, she and Davis decided she would be even more involved. “I had a great idea that she could not only be there, but would be able to cut the umbilical cord!” Davis shared. “She liked the idea and at my next appointment I brought it up to my midwife. She said Brooke could even help deliver and catch the baby! The smile that drew up on Brooke’s face was pure excitement! I prepped Brooke by explaining the positioning, where she could place her hands, that the baby will be slippery and that there will be a lot of blood, but that it is all normal.”

Kelsey Davis daughter Brooke birth
Credit: Kelsey Davis

Once Davis was in labor, her eldest was by her side, rubbing her head, massaging her feet, and even dancing with her "to the beat of the baby’s heartbeat in the monitor," Davis explained. "We had fun and she was so helpful and sweet the entire time."

When it was time to push, "Brooke stood next to her dad by my feet, watching in pure happiness and amazement!" Davis wrote. "You can see the overwhelming love in her face. She touched the baby’s head as she was crowning and giggled a little. The midwife and nurses were telling Brooke just how brave she was for doing this. I pushed two times and the baby’s head popped out. Brooke prepared by putting her hands with her dads to help catch her newest baby sister, and about one minute after her head came out, so did her sweet little body. Brooke melted!”

Of the experience, Brooke told her mom, "It was really cool being there. I think it made all three of us (her and her two sisters) have a very close bond. I learned how to help expel the placenta from the abdomen and I also realized when I grow up I want to be a midwife."

Kelsey Daughter Birth
Credit: Kelsey Davis

What a beautiful mother-daughter moment. So inspiring to think that Brooke may have very well found her calling by helping usher her baby sister into the world. Congratulations to the family of five!


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