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The Best Maternity Leggings for Every Occassion
Expectant parents deserve to be as comfortable as possible. These maternity leggings will get you through every occasion, from lounging to exercising to running errands.
It's OK to Not Enjoy Pregnancy, You're Not the Only One
You don't have to love the hormones and body changes to be excited about the baby inside you. There's no shame in being honest about the realities of pregnancy—let's normalize these conversations.
25 Fun and Festive Ways to Countdown to Baby
From celebrating with others to personal treats, here are easy ways to make your pregnancy memorable.
For Disabled People, the Cost of Infertility Care Is Entirely Out of Reach
Between discrimination, lack of insurance coverage, and asset caps like the "marriage penalty," disabled people in America are often barred from family-building via IVF or other fertility treatments.
To Save on Surrogacy Costs, More Parents Are Aiming for "Twiblings"
A controversial new "twibling" trend helps parents save money on surrogacy, as science paves the way for double surrogacies over riskier (and costlier) multiple pregnancies.
Here Are the Rules for Flying When You're Pregnant
Whether you're newly pregnant or planning a babymoon right before welcoming your new bundle of joy, here's what expectant parents need to know about airline travel during each trimester.

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Stop Asking Me to Pre-Pay for My Unborn Baby
I was exactly four weeks pregnant when I started getting billed for a baby that wasn't even close to being born—despite the fact that 10-25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.
Chrissy Teigen Is Teaming up With the Peanut App to Overhaul the Archaic Terms We Use to Talk About Motherhood
Geriatric pregnancy. Incompetent cervix. Failed pregnancy. Chrissy Teigen and Peanut are joining forces on the "Renaming Revolution" to reform the outdated terminology tied to pregnancy and motherhood once and for all.

Know Your Rights: Everything You Need to Know About Hospital Birth During the Pandemic

Rules may vary state by state or hospital to hospital, but pregnant people have the right to a positive childbirth experience. Here's what you need to know about welcoming a baby into the world amid COVID-19.