Essential Prenatal Yoga Poses

Looking for a workout that's perfect for pregnancy? Try these yoga moves, which can help you relax and maintain the flexibility and strength you'll need for labor and motherhood.

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Prenatal Yoga: An Introduction

Prenatal Yoga: An IntroductionYoga poses can help you manage morning sickness in your first trimester-and make labor easier when it's time to give birth. Discover the benefits of prenatal yoga.

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Prenatal Yoga: Sideways Swing

Sideways SwingThis simple move can help you improve digestion and tone the muscles along the sides of your abdomen.

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Prenatal Yoga: Childs Pose

Child's PoseThe child's pose may help ease morning sickness and allow you to relax and de-stress-so add it to your daily routine from your first trimester on.

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Prenatal Yoga: Supported Bound Ankle Pose

Supported Bound Ankle Pose Use this pose to help alleviate the shortness of breath that can come due to the increase in progesterone levels during first trimester-or the growth of your baby in the third trimester.

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Prenatal Yoga: Extended Side Angle Pose

Extended Side Angle PoseThis helps strengthen your legs and manage any leg swelling that can happen during the second semester.

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Prenatal Yoga: Dog and Cat Poses

Dog and Cat PosesPerforming these moves can help alleviate back pain and manage the hormonal changes that come during the second trimester.

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Prenatal Yoga: Extended Triangle Pose

Extended Triangle PoseTry this move in the second trimester to help build leg strength and improve your balance.

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Prenatal Yoga: Seated Ankle-to-Knee Pose

Seated Ankle-to-Knee Pose This simple move helps alleviate the hip pain that can come in later pregnancy.

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Prenatal Yoga: Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward BendThis third trimester bend helps open your pelvis and relieve the lower back pain that comes in the third trimester.

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Prenatal Yoga: Warrior 2

Warrior 2 PoseThis leg-strengthening move is important in the third trimester, when it can help you manage your contractions and focus during labor.