What You Need to Know About Stopping Birth Control to Get Pregnant

Timing a pregnancy can be tricky. Here's what you need to know about stopping birth control in order to conceive.


[MUSIC] A question I commonly get asked is when should I stop my birth control if I'm thinking about getting pregnant? Before you even stop birth control, I recommend that all of my patients and friends go to to their doctor first and have a pre-conception visit. At this visit you'll talk about you medical history, medications, and family history, and you can decide when it would be appropriate to stop your birth control. Ideally you'll stop your birth control a month before you're thinking about getting pregnant. This way you can have a period before you even get pregnant and this will help with tracking and dating of the pregnancy if you were to get pregnant right away. The most important thing to know about stopping birth control is that you can get pregnant right away. You can pregnant even before you have a missed period. And the reason for this is that the synthetic hormones in oral contraceptives wear off after a few days. So you can ovulate that first month and then you can get pregnant and never get a returning period. The same thing can happen with IUDs. Your ovulation can return immediately. Why it might be important to have one period before you get pregnant is that it really helps with dating a pregnancy. Also many women don't think they're pregnant, they think they just never got a return of their period. So, it might delay prenatal care. On the flip side, it can take a few a months for ovulation and your period to To return to normal after stopping birth control or having your IUD removed. I recommend that people visit their doctors if their periods haven't returned to normal after three months. One, to make sure that you're not pregnant and secondly to make sure that there are no other hormonal issues. [MUSIC]

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