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Are you ready to have a baby (or another baby)? Here we'll help you decide what to do when one partner isn't ready, teach you how to solidify your relationship before baby arrives, and more.

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Are You Ready for a Baby?

Ask yourself and your partner these 9 questions before you start trying to conceive.
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Prenatal Pesticide Exposure May Increase Autism Risk—But Folic Acid Can Help

Folic acid is incredibly beneficial for pregnant women—and recent research indicates one more way the stuff may benefit your baby.
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20 Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby

Who's ready to have a baby? (Hint: It might be you.) Check out these 20 fun indicators that you're ready for a baby—and start trying to conceive!
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Is a 62-Year-Old First-Time Mom Being Selfish?

Australia's oldest first-time mom has both major critics and fans. What do you think?
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Readers Reveal: Surprising Ways Life Changes When You Become a Parent

You know your date nights will be numbered and you're going to lose sleep, but what about the changes you don't hear about every day? We asked our Facebook fans to tell it like it is; here, we share their best answers.
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What to Expect: Hospital Birth Costs

Giving birth doesn't come cheap. From prenatal care and epidurals to pre-term deliveries and hospital stays, here's the bottom line on hospital births.
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Is Waiting to Have Kids Actually Better for Their Health?

We've all heard that having kids later in life can be risky, but a new study says the benefits may outweigh those risks.