July 02, 2015

Q: My parents plan to fly in when I deliver. Help! My husband thinks the house will be too crowded, and my folks really can't afford a hotel. Now what?

A: It depends on how helpful your parents will be. Are they grandparents now? If so, have you seen them in action? Ask yourself if they'll actually help care for you and the baby—or if they'll act like houseguests. Trust me: You and your hubby won't want to fetch towels and plan menus once there's a newborn on the premises. Even if they have a track record of being thoroughly self-sufficient, you might prefer to be on your own to find your footing as a new family in the days after Baby's birth. You could tell your parents you want to go it alone the first week, and then have them descend for an agreed-upon number of days. By that time, you'll be thrilled to have two extra sets of hands. If your guy still insists he needs his space, look for places for your folks to stay, maybe as house sitters for a pal who is vacationing or as short-term renters. My in-laws love VRBO.com!

(Question and answer featured in the September 2012 issue of American Baby.)

Answered by American Baby Team


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