Financing a Family

Having a family means having a lot of expenses. Here we'll help you with your family finances by providing simple tips to help get your budget on track before your baby arrives and beyond.

Financially Preparing for a Baby

You won't believe how much it costs to raise a child!

Financial Considerations for Expectant Parents

Money matters for moms and dads.

Savvy Strategies for Parents on a Budget

Try these almost-painless ways to cut back on expenses.

After Baby: Long Maternity Leave Was 'Financially Disastrous'

Shana, a public school teacher, talks about how finances affected her maternity leave decisions.

A Nine-Month Plan for Getting Your Family's Finances in Order

Follow these steps to financial stability so your family can be on the right track in less than a year.

Checklist: Insurance, Taxes, and Wills

Checklist: How Much Does It Cost to Have a Baby?

It takes moxie and moolah to have a baby. To estimate how much it will cost you, you need to find out what's covered on your insurance policy and what's not.

What to Expect: Hospital Birth Costs

Giving birth doesn't come cheap. From prenatal care and epidurals to pre-term deliveries and hospital stays, here's the bottom line on hospital births.

Money Moves for Your Growing Family

One little baby adds a whole lot to your financial equation.