Preterm Labor

Preterm labor (a.k.a. premature labor) occurs before you're 37 weeks pregnant. Here you'll learn about the symptoms of preterm labor, and what you can do if labor begins before your baby is due.

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Can Warm Weather Induce Labor? Here's What to Know

Research finds a surprising link between warmer temperatures and early-term labor. Learn how to keep cool and safe this spring and summer.

Why Black Mothers and Babies Have the Worst Birth Outcome in the Nation

Black women are more than three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes as white women. Even when receiving the same care. Even when doing everything right. Meet the moms and experts who are working tirelessly to change this unfortunate truth.

Could Your Risk of Preterm Birth Be In Your Genes?

A new landmark study identifies six genes linked with a greater chance of delivering early. See what these new findings could mean for your pregnancy.

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Could This Drug Be the Solution to Preventing Pre-Term Birth for Good?

When used in pregnant mice, it provided complete protection against pre-term birth triggered by bacteria, protected against infant fatalities, and led to a correction in the low birth weight normally associated with pre-term babies.

Having a Boy? You're More Likely to Have Pregnancy Problems

The risks for preterm birth, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia increase when the baby is a boy, according to new research.

Depression in Mom or Dad During Pregnancy Linked to Premature Birth

According to a new study, depression in both expectant mothers and fathers increases the risk of premature birth.