Pregnancy: When to Worry: Fever

A fever is always a pain, but it becomes even more of a problem when you have Baby to consider as well. See what you need to do if you start feeling feverish.


-The most important thing if you find yourself with a fever in pregnancy is to get rid of the fever. If your temperature is 100.4 or higher, you should take Tylenol and make sure it brings your fever down. If Tylenol is not helping with the fever, then you definitely need to call your doctor. Fever for a short period of time isn't gonna be anything problematic, but fever for a prolonged period of time can have neurologic effects on the baby. It's sort of the equivalent of sitting in a hot tub, which will raise your core temperature and also not be good for the baby. Some of the possible causes for the fever could include a simple viral infection for which Tylenol should be sufficient and it can also include things like the flu. It can include a stomach bug. It can include pneumonia, appendicitis. For most of these things, Tylenol won't be sufficient. So, I would say if Tylenol is not bringing your fever down, then you should call your doctor.

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