Your Chance of Miscarriage

A woman's chance of miscarriage depends, to some extent, on her background. Learn about four factors that can contribute to a higher rate of miscarriage.


[MUSIC] Your chance of miscarriage from the timing when you're pregnant is roughly 10 to 20%. However, there are certain factors which can influence your risk. Your age is an important factor in your risk of miscarriage. As you get older, your risk increases. For instance. A woman who is 40 has a 40% risk of miscarriage. Your health also impacts your risk of miscarriage. There are certain uteran abnormalities and medical conditions which can increase your risk. These medical conditions include uncontrolled diabetes, severe thyroid disorder, and also autoimmune and clotting disorders. Heavy alcohol consumption... Drug use and tobacco use can all increase risk of miscarriage. Your prior history of miscarriages is an important factor for future pregnancies. After one miscarriage, the risk for miscarriage is 20%. After two, it rises to 28%. And at three miscarriages, your risk is 43%. Your doctor will want to more closely monitor you if you've had two or three prior miscarriages. The good news is that most miscarriages happen early on, usually before seven weeks of pregnancy. Once a heartbeat is detected, usually everything will be fine with the pregnancy. If at any point during your pregnancy you're concerned, always talk to your doctor.

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