The touching track from Australian singer-songwriter Coby Grant has wracked up more than three million views in just two weeks.

May 04, 2018
miscarriage concept with baby shoes
Credit: singh_lens/Shutterstock

A sobering, important fact to consider ahead of Mother's Day: One in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and 1 in 100 end in stillbirth in the U.S. For that reason alone, it's heartening to know that International Bereaved Mother’s Day, which was started by Carly Marie Dudly in Australia in 2010, will be observed on Sunday, May 6. And ahead of the day, Australian indie singer-songwriter Coby Grant has released a poignant, powerful song written for a fan after her baby was stillborn.

The track, called "Winter Bear," was written with the intention of comforting women for whom Mother's Day may very well trigger emotions and mourning. Alongside the original post of the video on Facebook, Grant wrote, "This is a song I wrote for a family who lost their newborn son. He was stillborn. ... I want to say that for me, it was an incredible honour to be asked to write it. I can't fully express with words what an emotional journey it has been, but I do know that it is one of the most significant songs of my entire songwriting career."

The response to the song has been overwhelming and emotional. One Facebook commenter wrote, "Such a beautiful song. Thank you for this. It offers a little comfort to me having had my beautiful boy stillborn at 36 weeks in December 2016. My very own little Winter Bear." Another noted, "We also lost our newborn daughter and no one can truly understand that pain, unless you have been there. My heart breaks for all of us, who outlive our children. Your song was amazing and captured every one of my own thoughts…" A third thanked Grant for the track, writing, "I think of my babies daily. I wish I was holding their sweet chubby hands and squishy cheeks. Today has been an especially difficult day on so many levels and this song just made my eyes very leaky. Thank you, it's beautiful!”

Grant has committed to donate half the proceeds from the song to SIDS organizations and research. With hope, her song adds to and inspires a crucial conversation about loss and how we can support grieving parents everywhere.