Signs of Miscarriage

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you are having normal pregnancy symptoms or you're experiencing signs of miscarriage. Here's what you need to know and when to call a doctor.


[MUSIC] About a third of patients may experience light cramping and spotting during the first trimester. This doesn't necessarily mean that it will lead to a miscarriage. Sometimes, what women identify as a cramping feeling is actually stretching and growth of the ligaments as the uterus grows. Light spotting can occur for many reasons during pregnancy and they're not necessarily bad, it might just be irritation on the cervix or a little bit of spotting after sexual activity. It's more concerning if the patient has cramping, spotting and combination with passage of clots or tissue. Even then some of this pregnancies are valuable. Ultimately call your doctor if you're cramping or spotting she'll likely have you come in to make sure everything's okay.

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