The Pounders are finally basking in the glory of parenthood after persevering through multiple hardships—this love story will blow you away.

By Lauren Pardee
June 20, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Amy Pounders

The world works in mysterious ways—and for Amy Pounders and her husband, Justin, that cliché seems to be the understatement of the century. The couple thought they originally met on an online dating website, but as it turns out, the two were actually preschool sweethearts. Fast forward to present day and the Pounders are now a family-of-three. They just welcomed their precious rainbow baby, Conrad, two weeks ago—but we’ll get to that. You’re going to want to hear their whole story through.

After connecting on, landing a date with Amy took persistence on Justin’s end—but, their first sit-down instantly signified an undeniable connection. “Meeting Justin in person was everything I prayed it would be and then some,” Amy explained.

Although Justin and Amy had a love at first sight romance, finding happiness in each other didn’t come without hardship. Before their first date, Amy had a “troubled history of bad relationships,” and Justin experienced a hellish reality when his girlfriend, Adrianne Robert, was tragically killed back in 2012.

Despite those unimaginably painful times, Amy and Justin reflect on it as a part of their story. “I truly believe it was his and Adrianne’s destiny to meet and fall in love. Tragically she was taken from this world way too soon,” Amy explained. “From the moment she became Justin’s guardian angel we feel she set out to help heal Justin’s heart. We feel she found me and guided us together.”

Credit: Courtesy of Amy Pounders

It wasn’t until Amy and Justin began dating that the two discovered they had attended several of the same events held by mutual friends yet they never connected—Amy knows it wasn’t their turn to meet, and for these two timing seems to be everything.

About a month into their relationship, another dose of destiny struck: Justin confessed he’d always liked the name Amy due to his very first crush in preschool—he reminisced on the dresses she would always twirl in. In due time, the two discovered they had both attended Sunshine Preschool. Stunned, they dug up an old class photo, and there it was—the two of them sitting next to each other—Amy sporting Justin’s favorite dress. The two kids who were once insistent on sitting next to each other are now spending the rest of their lives together.

Credit: Courtesy of Amy Pounders

Quickly, the duo’s love story went viral and both Amy and Justin were invited to share their romance on ABC’s The View in 2015. To Amy’s disbelief, their very own preschool interrupted the segment as a class of kids held up signs that read, “Amy, will you marry me?” Not one person in that room was left with dry eyes.

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On the one-year anniversary of their engagement, Amy and Justin tied the knot in a stunning wedding officiated by then co-host of The View, Michelle Collins.

Credit: Courtesy of Amy Pounders

First came love, then came marriage…right away the Pounders' knew they wanted children. Post-wedding cloud nine was followed by a confirmed pregnancy. Yet, upon sharing the news with family, Amy lost the baby. “We were devastated, to say the least,” the now-mother said. “I’ve prayed my entire life to be a mom.”

After experiencing two more miscarriages shortly after her first, Amy grew tired of dismissive doctors and heartbreak and took a break from tracking her ovulation. Naturally, the hectic nature of life caused time to pass before Amy—who was not expecting anything—took a pregnancy test so she could document her health for future doctors. The test was positive. Confused and shocked, she didn’t get her hopes up—but after nine weeks, she understood this time was different. The couple finally welcomed Conrad Maverick Pounders on the one-year anniversary of her very first miscarriage.

Credit: Courtesy of Amy Pounder

With two-week-old Conrad completing this family-of-three, Amy is the first to acknowledge the importance of perseverance.

Credit: Courtesy of Amy Pounders

“For both Justin and I to be here, be in this life, and now the proud new parents to our sweet little Conrad, that’s full circle," she said. “No matter the curves life throws at you, if you keep going you’ll eventually see the bright side again. Conrad is the light of our life. He’s our bright side.”


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