Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Looking to get pregnant again after a miscarriage? Learn what to expect and when you can start trying again.


[MUSIC] In general, having a miscarriage does not affect your chances of conceiving again, and it's safe to start trying again after your next period, which usually occurs four to six weeks after the bleeding of the miscarriage stops. If you plan to get pregnant again that quickly, it's a good idea to continue the prenatal vitamins. A previous miscarriage does slightly increase your risk of a miscarriage with the next pregnancy. If you've had two or three miscarriages, your doctor will likely do a work-up in order to pinpoint a cause and develop a treatment strategy for the next pregnancy. Women who have miscarried are often very anxious about their new pregnancy. See your doctor as soon as possible during the new pregnancy. Once we've seen a heartbeat, most likely, everything will be fine. [MUSIC]

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