10 Miscarriage Gift Ideas That Show You Care

Know someone healing from a miscarriage? A small gift can brighten their day and let them know you care. Here's a list of 10, from someone who's been in their shoes.

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When someone close to you experiences a miscarriage, it's only natural for you to want to help in some way. Do you bring it up or assume they don't want to talk about it? Are miscarriage gifts common to give, or maybe flowers?

While it's difficult to know how to handle the situation, remember that each couple will go through the healing process differently—so let them take the lead. Some people are devastated while others are more able to cope—still others feel both of those emotions (and many more!) all in one day.

I can understand this; not only have I had friends who have suffered miscarriages, but I too, had it happen to me. About a decade ago, I experienced a chemical pregnancy—a miscarriage that occurs almost immediately after the egg is fertilized; so early, in fact, that many women don't even miss their next period. How did I deal? In short, I didn't even tell anyone.

Fast forward ten years and three kids later, I experienced another miscarriage, this time in the form of a vanishing twin. I was 10 weeks pregnant with my fourth and fifth kids when the doctor informed me that one of them had not survived. This time, many people knew about my crazy, unexpected twin pregnancy, so I wasn't dealing with the loss alone. The support I received was invaluable.

Having seen both sides, I can encourage anyone who knows someone dealing with a miscarriage to step up and offer kind words, a hug, or to run a few errands. And don't shy away from sending a small gift if you feel compelled to; no matter how much someone is hurting, it's always a comfort to know others care.

Miscarriage gifts can be anything from a card to flowers, or even a sentimental gift of remembrance. Know that it doesn't have to be something big; here, it's definitely the thought that counts. Here are some of my favorite miscarriage gifts.

Comfort box

While you may not know the best words to say, a gift of comfort will always be appreciated. This amazing comfort box from Etsy shop Whimsical Sun Gift Company allows your bereaved friend or loved one to take a few moments to themselves as they recover, to relax and unwind whenever it feels right for them. Items include a lavender eye pillow, a soy candle, soaking salts and a sweet bracelet.

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Necklace with birthstone

After my more recent loss, a necklace was the only item I purchased. I wanted something I could wear on some days and leave behind on others, and I love that a necklace can be as discreet (or as obvious!) as the wearer desires. This charm necklace from Etsy seller Designs by Kara Marie (also available as a bracelet) allows for that too, with tons of options. Choose from an engraved charm with a comforting phrase, an angel wing, a birthstone and name bar (if the baby had been given a name), and even a heart that also functions as an urn for ashes in the event of a stillbirth.

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A book about loss

The Art of Losing is a beautifully written book meant for those dwelling in a season of grief, making it the perfect choice as a miscarriage gift. Reviewers indicate they've turned to it time and time again when the waves of sadness hit the hardest.

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Remembrance print

There's something so beautiful and peaceful about this print, with a bird representing each member of the family. Here, the one that was lost flies away into the sky, headed toward something bigger and better. I love that this print can be customized for the number of people in the family, which makes it that much more personal and meaningful.

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This tiny wooden fairy is sure to brighten anyone's day, with its hand-painted details and sweet little wings. Each one arrives with a card that includes encouraging words for anyone who's recently endured a loss. Whether she chooses to store it under her pillow or on a nearby shelf, she'll always think of her baby when she sees this tiny keepsake.

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Subscription to a meal plan

If you're not the cooking type, or you're simply too busy to make a meal for yourself, let alone someone else, consider a meal delivery service. Freshly takes traditional meal delivery a step further by shipping fully cooked meals instead of ingredients. That way, the focus can be on healing rather than cooking and cleaning up. Freshly, prices vary by subscription.

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Spa set

I can't think of any circumstance not made at least slightly better by a good spa kit. This beautifully packaged set comes with a candle and bath scrub just right for a long, relaxing soak. Choose from a variety of wonderful scents.

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Remembrance box

One of the most heartbreaking parts of a miscarriage is figuring out what to do with the things that were already purchased for the baby that was lost. That's why this remembrance box is one of my favorite miscarriage gifts. Simply tuck those tiny shoes and onesies in the box, alongside any ultrasound images, and store it for safekeeping to ensure baby's memories will live on.

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Ultrasound Frame

When a miscarriage occurs, that grainy ultrasound image often becomes a treasured item—the only thing bereaved parents have to hold on to. A picture frame with an appropriate inscription, like this one that states, "We will hold you in our hearts until we can hold you in heaven" makes a perfect miscarriage gift.

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A miscarriage gift for dad

It's easy to put all your focus on the mom when a miscarriage happens, but remember that dad is probably suffering silently alongside her. This simple leather bracelet makes a great gift for him. A metal clasp displays tiny footprints, and it's engravable on both the front and back—a great way to include the baby's name if it was given one.

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