Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, Is it too late for me to have a baby?


I am 42 years old and I had a miscarriage and D&C about three weeks ago (first pregnancy). When should I start getting my period again and when can my husband and I start trying for a baby?


You can expect your period in about one to two months. Some doctors recommend you wait three to six months before trying again. I personally feel that if you ovulate, then your body is ready to conceive again. Therefore, most of my private patients do not use contraception and start trying right away.

Staying on prenatal vitamins would be a good idea because they include folic acid, which is very important to take so that you can decrease the chance of birth defects.

Those of us who are 40 and over, of course, have an increased chance for problems with conceiving and carrying a normal pregnancy. The oldest patient I have delivered of a first baby is 45 and I have a good friend who delivered a first baby at 49, so keep trying.

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