After undergoing a traumatic miscarriage, the 31-year-old opens up about her heartbreak.

By Lauren Pardee

Former Bachelor star, Vienna Girardi is opening up over the loss of her twin girls during her pregnancy. The TV personality—who would have been expecting on Wednesday, January 10th—payed tribute to the devastating loss with a Facebook post.

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“Today should have been a day to rejoice and celebrate life... today was my due date. Instead I’m finding it hard to even get out of bed, hard to smile or feel anything at all,” Girardi wrote in regard to the loss of her twin daughters due to a miscarriage on August 5th.

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According to her Facebook page, Girardi’s water broke early after her amniotic sacs ruptured. After 2 days in the hospital, doctors were unable to save the babies. The 31-year-old was open about her high-risk pregnancy, explaining to US Weekly back in early August that her twins were monochorionic diamniotic—meaning they shared nutrients through the same placenta. Upon the tramatic experience of losing her twins, Girardi went into septic shock, experiencing a 104 degree fever that left her in the ICU after emergency surgery.

Girardi continued her Facebook post by saying, “I feel numb as I stand outside watching my dogs; it’s wet and gloomy as if the world knows and feels my pain. Each day has gotten easier to for me to put a smile on and pretend everything is ok but not today. I can’t pretend today. I’m hurting, I’m sad and I feel empty. I still wondering why and I still get angry and today I’m mad and sad and just want it to be ok to feel this way. ?”

Friends, family, and fans are leaving comments of support after reading Girardi’s confessional—many acknowledging that she is not alone and feelings of pain and suffering are a natural part of the recovery process.

Our condelences go out to Girardi and her family at this difficult time. We commend your bravery and willingness to share your story.



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