Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, How can I prevent myself from having another miscarriage?
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At my first doctor's visit at six weeks pregnant, they found no heartbeat. A week later, I miscarried. What are the chances that this will happen again? What can I do so that this won't happen again?


This is actually a very common occurrence in first pregnancies. Approximately one in five pregnancies miscarry. This type of early loss that you've experienced does not mean that you cannot have children. In fact, it is not considered a problem (such that you would need to see a specialist) until one has experienced three losses. Emotionally, it is very difficult, but medically, it does not mean the patient has a serious problem. I have had the good fortune of delivering many patients after they have had to endure a loss.

There is nothing you did wrong, nor is there any way you could have prevented this act of nature.

The most important thing you can do is make sure you are taking folic acid (a vitamin) at the time of conception.

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