Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy complications range in nature and severity. Fortunately, with proper treatment and advice, most can be managed. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of pregnancy complications, including what causes the problem, how it's treated, and what the consequences are for you and your baby.

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It's Time to Normalize What Happens to the Body After a Miscarriage

Much to the surprise of many, the physical impact of pregnancy loss can linger for weeks and even months. This is what every parent should know to make the experience less isolating.

New Zealand Unanimously Votes to Give Couples Who Suffer Pregnancy Loss Paid Time Off to Recover

"While this bill is primarily about fairness and workers' rights, I also hope that it promotes openness in our society about pregnancy, stillbirth and miscarriage," the lawmaker behind the legislation said.

How I Told My Son About My Miscarriage

Talking about early pregnancy loss isn't always easy—especially when it comes to broaching the topic with your children. But sharing the details and grief of my experience with my son somehow felt deeply disconcerting and simultaneously sacred.

7 Things to Know About Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) happens when unborn babies withdraw from addictive drugs they encountered in the womb, such as opioids. Here’s what to know about NAS symptoms and treatment options.

Teen Mom OG's Catelynn Lowell Reveals She Was Pregnant but 'Lost the Baby' on Thanksgiving

“I opened up about this only to help those who are experiencing the same thing to know that there’s someone else every day experiencing this,” the Teen Mom OG star wrote.

It's 2020: Why Are We Still Shaming Women for Opening Up About Miscarriage?

Meghan Markle’s New York Times op-ed detailing a July pregnancy loss received plenty of praise—but also criticism. When will we finally accept all parts of the motherhood journey?

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How Virtual Support Groups Helped Me Through an Isolating Miscarriage

I experienced a miscarriage during the COVID-19 pandemic. No loss is ever easy, but I've never felt as isolated as I did when I miscarried while social distancing from friends and family. Despite everything, I found solace through virtual connections.