Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy complications range in nature and severity. Fortunately, with proper treatment and advice, most can be managed. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of pregnancy complications, including what causes the problem, how it's treated, and what the consequences are for you and your baby.

How Virtual Support Groups Helped Me Through an Isolating Miscarriage

I experienced a miscarriage during the COVID-19 pandemic. No loss is ever easy, but I've never felt as isolated as I did when I miscarried while social distancing from friends and family. Despite everything, I found solace through virtual connections.
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The Hidden Heartbreak of Having a Miscarriage after Healthy Pregnancies

Suffering a miscarriage after already having three kids came as a shock and I had a difficult time moving forward. But after finding a support group, I realized I wasn't alone in any of my feelings.
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We Need to Talk About the Financial Toll of Miscarriage

Pregnancy loss is an emotional, all too often silent issue—but it can also be a pricey one. Those who have been through it discuss the true costs while experts reveal ways to work around them.
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What Is Moxibustion and Can It Help Turn a Breech Baby?

The traditional Chinese practice of moxibustion is one of the world's oldest techniques for turning a breech baby—and OB-GYNs still prescribe it today. Here's why, when, and how this alternative therapy is done.
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ECV When Baby Is Breech: Understanding External Cephalic Version

Is your baby breech? Here's what you need to know about external cephalic version (EVC), the procedure doctors use to turn a breech baby after 36 weeks of pregnancy.
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More Pregnancy Complications

Top 14 Pregnancy Fears (and Why You Shouldn't Worry)

Doctors share the truth about your biggest pregnancy worries – and why they're not as scary as you think.
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Signs of Miscarriage: When Should I Worry?

Are you experiencing miscarriage symptoms, or just your standard-issue pregnancy problems? Learn how to determine what's normal, and what could be a cause for concern.
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I Have to Choose Between a Medically-Necessary Hysterectomy And Having a Second Baby

My Pap test result revealed I had pre-cancerous cells. Now I'm stuck deciding if I should have a second kid on a seriously short timeline—or take a gamble on my health.