Parents Call This Pregnancy Belly Band a 'Miracle Worker' That Relieves Back and Pelvic Pain

The best-selling Azmed maternity belly band has more than 14,000 five-star ratings and it’s just $23 at Amazon. 

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Azmed Pregnancy Belly Band
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Two of the most common complaints towards the end of pregnancy are back pain and pelvic discomfort—inevitable side effects of the 13 pounds of weight you carry in your abdomen (including the weight of your baby, additional uterus tissue, placenta, and amniotic fluid). Wearing a pregnancy belly band can help take this load off your lower back. Although a good quality band can cost up to $50 or more, you can score Amazon's number one best seller, Azmed's maternity belly band, for just $22.99.

Azmed Pregnancy Belly Band

To buy: Azmed Maternity Belly Band, $22.99;

A belly band is like a thick, soft belt that wraps around your lower back and gently cradles your abdomen. Wearing one reduces pressure on your lower back and can help ease pelvic pain (including discomfort caused by round ligament pain, "lightning crotch," and pressure from the baby's weight).

"Pregnancy is different for everyone, and it's not always comfortable," says Erika Figge, DC, CSCS, a chiropractor based in Orange County, California, who routinely treats pregnant and postpartum patients. "During pregnancy, your body changes constantly, which can cause pain in the lower back, abdomen, legs, and pelvic area. Along with regular prenatal care, a belly band can relieve aches and pains by distributing the extra weight and encouraging proper posture."

The Azmed maternity belly band feels like a hammock for your belly. It offers a slight lift that instantly relieves pressure on your back, pelvis, and hips. Due to its gentle compression effect, the band evenly distributes the weight of your abdomen, which automatically lightens the load on your back and limbs.

This amazing pregnancy belly band is made from a lightweight cotton-polyester blend, which makes it incredibly soft and breathable. Its high-stretch elastic and hook and loop closure (similar to Velcro) create a one-size-supports-all fit that continually adjusts to your growing belly. Thanks to its discreet design, this band can be worn under clothing to provide constant relief wherever you go.

With more than 14,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, it's no wonder parents choose the Azmed belly band again and again. I personally experienced intense lower back pain during both of my pregnancies and purchased this exact band. The compression felt great on my sore back and belly and allowed me to remain mobile throughout the 40 weeks.

And thousands of pregnant parents seem to agree. After suffering debilitating pelvic pain, this mom felt relief "within two minutes" after putting it on and called it a "true lifesaver." While carrying twins, another mom recalled that everything from rolling over to walking to doctor's appointments was "much easier" because of this band and credited it for helping her reach 36 weeks—the average gestation for twin pregnancies.

After trying prenatal yoga and stretching to relieve her pain, one reviewer purchased the Azmed band because she couldn't "walk more than 30 minutes" without being in pain all day. Now, she doesn't "go anywhere without it" and adds that it helps her do chores, run errands, and even go for moderate hikes. And a reviewer who describes herself as a plus-sized woman said she was skeptical of the fit but found that it "worked wonders," and called it a "must have" for pregnant women.

If you're experiencing lower back or pelvic pain during pregnancy, the Azmed maternity belly band can help. For just $22.99, this soft and stretchy band can provide the amount of support and stability that you and your belly need.

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