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How to Check If Your Cervix Is Dilated—Without an Exam

At the end of your pregnancy and eager to meet baby? We feel you. It's best to leave cervical exams to the professionals, but with a doctor or midwife's approval, here's how to check cervix dilation at home.

Here Are the Rules for Flying When You're Pregnant

Whether you're newly pregnant or planning a babymoon right before welcoming your new bundle of joy, here's what expectant parents need to know about airline travel during each trimester.

It's Time to Normalize What Happens to the Body After a Miscarriage

Much to the surprise of many, the physical impact of pregnancy loss can linger for weeks and even months. This is what every parent should know to make the experience less isolating.

New Zealand Unanimously Votes to Give Couples Who Suffer Pregnancy Loss Paid Time Off to Recover

"While this bill is primarily about fairness and workers' rights, I also hope that it promotes openness in our society about pregnancy, stillbirth and miscarriage," the lawmaker behind the legislation said.

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Stop Asking Me to Pre-Pay for My Unborn Baby

I was exactly four weeks pregnant when I started getting billed for a baby that wasn't even close to being born—despite the fact that 10-25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Chrissy Teigen Is Teaming up With the Peanut App to Overhaul the Archaic Terms We Use to Talk About Motherhood

Geriatric pregnancy. Incompetent cervix. Failed pregnancy. Chrissy Teigen and Peanut are joining forces on the "Renaming Revolution" to reform the outdated terminology tied to pregnancy and motherhood once and for all.