9 Top Pregnancy Subscription Boxes to Support You Throughout Each Trimester

These boxes are filled with fun and practical products for parents-to-be and their babies

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Whether you're expecting your first child or your third, pregnancy is an exciting time. But all that excitement can sometimes become overwhelming. You're preparing for a little one while also stocking up for the postpartum period and trying to care for your changing body in the process—that’s a lot for anyone to handle at one time. That's where pregnancy subscription boxes can truly come in handy. 

The best pregnancy subscription boxes introduce pregnant people to new, helpful products for any stage of parenthood. Some are designed for self-care, helping to soothe stretching skin and relax aching feet. Others are created with postpartum care in mind, containing diapers and nursing products meant to ease the transition from hospital to home. Whether you want to do something nice for your expecting partner or friend, you’re a single parent-to-be, or you’re just looking to treat yourself, a pregnancy subscription box makes a wonderful gift. To help you find the best box for you (or someone special), we thoroughly researched more than 20 boxes as well as tested a few, considering factors such as delivery cadence, cost, plan options, and the quality of products included. Here’s a list of the ones we recommend.

Top 9 Picks for Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

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Most Inclusive: BumpBox

Bump Boxes logo

Bump Boxes

Key Specs

  • Price: $39-$50 per box 
  • Delivery Cadence: Monthly 
  • Plans Available: Single purchase or 6-, 9-, or 12-month plan 

Why We Chose It 

Bump Boxes really offer everything an expecting parent could ever want. Each box not only has at least five products, but you can enjoy each throughout pregnancy and postpartum.  

Pros & Cons

  • All products safe for pregnancy

  • Various plans available

  • Tailored to your due date

  • Some boxes only have five products

  • Boxes cannot be personalized

  • $25 early cancellation fee


Bump Box has made a name for itself in the pregnancy subscription box market by making each box versatile, practical, and packed with goods pretty much every pregnant person can enjoy. From ginger chews to a trendy coffee mug, the five to eight products in a Bump Box undergo a strict screening process to ensure they are useful, pregnancy-safe, and worth the subscription.

You can opt for a single month-to-month purchase for $50. Alternatively, you'll save by buying a subscription plan for monthly delivery. There's a six-month plan for $43 per box, a nine-month plan for $40 per box, or a 12-month plan for $39 per box. Bump Box also offers add-ons for its boxes and store-wide discounts if you prepay for a plan. Reviewers note that the numerous discounts and free gifts Bump Box regularly offers make the cost of the subscription justifiable. 

When you sign up, you must enter your due date so Bump Boxes can tailor the products to your pregnancy stage. Then, the subscription can transition to Bitsy Box Postpartum after your baby is delivered. One of our testers found the ordering process quite simple and intuitive (she also appreciated the free shipping nationwide). She loved the cooling gel included in one of her boxes (she got the Trimester Bundle), but "would have loved a guide that explained why the specific products were included and how to use them."

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Most Practical: Honest

Honest.com logo


Key Specs

  • Price: Starting around $55 per box 
  • Delivery Cadence: Monthly 
  • Plans Available: 1

Why We Chose It

Honest understands how busy preparing for parenthood and being a new parent can get. So, it offers bundle packages that include practical items for home care and baby care shipped directly to your door. 

Pros & Cons

  • Can create your own bundle

  • Free shipping

  • Can skip monthly delivery anytime

  • No monthly delivery of curated pregnancy boxes

  • Discounts only with subscriptions

  • Some products have restrictive shipping


Honest Company is well known for its home and baby products, especially diapers. But it also offers many other great options for expecting and postpartum parents. Perhaps the most practical feature of Honest is its build-your-own bundle option, in which you can bundle your favorite full-sized products, including three premium ones, for $55 plus free shipping. Other bundles include diapers and wipes or seasonal printed diapers. The bundles are delivered monthly, but you can skip them anytime. 

If you simply want to gift an expecting parent with a pregnancy box, Honest also has a single-purchase pregnancy gift set for $83. It gives the soon-to-be parent a chance to try a selection of full-sized Honest products. All Honest products are fragrance- and latex-free, with a bio-based core. If you choose a bundle, such as diapers and wipes, you can include add-ons at a discounted price. However, reviewers note that you must choose a subscription to get these discounts. Nevertheless, regularly delivered bundles can really help a new birthing parent’s pregnancy and postpartum phase go more smoothly.

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For Trimester-Specific Pampering: The Stork Bag

Stork Bag

Stork Bag

Key Specs

  • Price: $98-$396 per box
  • Delivery Cadence: Single box or once per trimester + postpartum
  • Plans Available: 3

Why We Chose It

The Stork Bag specializes in stage-specific support and even includes a postpartum gift box. It's the simplest way to tailor your box to your trimester. 

Pros & Cons

  • Straightforward subscriptions, broken down by stage and features

  • Minimum of five products in each box

  • One-time purchase option

  • Cannot choose items

  • Some sample-size products

  • Box does not have a theme


The Stork Bag makes it simple to give timely and thoughtful gift boxes tailored to a pregnant person’s trimester. It offers a curated box for the first, second, and third trimesters, helping to ensure the recipient won't get the same products repeatedly. There is even a postpartum box for new parents in the throes of the newborn stage.

If you prefer to only send (or receive) one box, that's an option too. Both the single box and the trimester boxes come in three different tiers. The Glow (basic) includes five products priced at $98 to $196 plus shipping. The Diva (middle) includes seven products for $150 to $300; the Luxe (top) has ten items ranging from $198 to $396, and all ship free to the U.S. and Canada.  Compared to others on the list, these options are a bit pricey, but you can choose a lower-level tier for a more affordable box. 

Though you don't get to choose specific items, you can rest assured that they'll be spot-on with your (or your loved one’s) stage of pregnancy. We love that Stork Bag has lots of necessities, like morning sickness aids, and self-care products such as stretch mark cream.

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Most Eco-Friendly: Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom logo

Ecocentric Mom

Key Specs

  • Price: $48-$535 per box
  • Delivery Cadence: Single or once per trimester plus postpartum
  • Plans Available: 3

Why We Chose It 

There's no better one-stop shop for eco-conscious parents (or soon-to-be parents). The included products are organic, vegan, and safe. Ecocentric Mom includes more than the typical self-care or fashion must-haves, including snacks, baby items, and even household products. 

Pros & Cons

  • Products are certified safe and eco-friendly

  • All are free from artificial dyes and flavors

  • Fast shipping

  • Free shipping only with a subscription

  • Cannot customize the box

  • Cannot replace items or accept returns


Pregnant and non-pregnant parents-to-be alike will love Ecocentric Mom's selection of natural products. Each item is handpicked with eco-friendly ideals in mind, ensuring they're vegan, organic, and free from harmful chemicals, artificial dyes, and flavors. The company claims that all of its products have been checked by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which checks for health, contamination, and ecotoxicity concerns, as well as ingredients on the group's unacceptable list. We also love that each box has a variety of useful items. The box promises something pampering, practical, yummy, and suited for your bump or baby, arriving at your doorstep within seven to 10 days of ordering. 

You can choose a single box from three sizes: Mini (three trial size items), original (minimum $68 value), or premium (minimum $115 value). Or select delivery for each trimester (including the fourth trimester). The mini bundle box has three items at $49 (single) or $196 (four boxes). The Ecocentric Mom original has five products for $69 or $296. Finally, the premium box comes with seven or more products and costs $129 or $196. The premium box includes full-sized items, while the other two have some trial-size products.

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For Gifting: Mama Bird Box

mama bird box logo

mama bird box

Key Specs

  • Price: $35 per month
  • Delivery Cadence: Single purchase or monthly
  • Plans Available: 3

Why We Chose It

Mama Bird Box by Crate Joy makes an excellent congratulations, baby shower, or welcome home gift, thanks to its simple subscription options and one-time design. You can confidently give knowing that each box contains a variety of items that cater to a new parent (or parent-to-be).

Pros & Cons

  • Includes full-sized items

  • Diverse offering of items

  • Easy to cancel

  • Non-customizable

  • No tiers available

  • Not trimester-specific


The Mama Bird Box takes a thoughtful yet affordable approach to gifting. Though it isn't tailored to the recipient's trimester, the box strives to cover all the bases by offering a diverse range of items. Parents-to-be can find accessories, treats, household products, and pampering items, such as nourishing skincare and healthy snacks, that suit them just as well postpartum as they do during the first trimester. As a bonus, many are organic, which pregnant people tend to appreciate. There are no tiers, which makes gifting straightforward; each box comes with four to six full-sized, high-quality products.

Mama Bird can be given as a one-time present and it also offers limited edition boxes that can be gifted intermittently throughout the trimesters as a special surprise. So, if you’re looking for tailored trimester-specific delivery or want a splurge-worthy box, this may not be the one for you. If you'd like to opt for the subscription model, you can get or gift a box for three months ($33.65 a month) or six months (33.5 a month).

Ordering a single box starts at about $35. A three-month subscription comes to $100 in total. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel. Because the boxes contain multi-purpose products for health, pampering, and encouragement, you don't have to worry about finding the right box for the right stage, making them ideal for gifting throughout pregnancy and beyond. Many recipients note that they really appreciate that the box contains full-size products versus the traditional trial sizes.

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For Fashion: Stitch Fix Maternity

Stitch Fix logo

Stitch Fix

Key Specs

  • Price: $20 styling fee + the cost of whatever items you keep
  • Delivery Cadence: Customizable—every two to three weeks, every month, every other month, or every three months
  • Plans Available: 1

Why We Chose It 

When it comes to hassle-free, tailored shopping, Stitch Fix is one of the most popular options. Its maternity plan styles your bump based on your trimester and your personal tastes. 

Pros & Cons

  • Caters to your budget

  • Free shipping and returns

  • Personalized to trimester and style

  • Can't choose pieces prior to shipping

  • Can't reject outfits before shipping

  • May be less affordable than in-store shopping


Stitch Fix Maternity takes the guesswork out of shopping and the struggle of endlessly walking around stores, which can be especially difficult when you're pregnant. For $20 (which is applied toward your purchase should you choose to keep clothes from the box), a stylist will select clothing pieces based on your trimester and style preferences. You’ll need to take a quick online quiz to help your stylist get to know your clothing personality. All of the items will be shipped directly to your door. Then, you can try them on in the comfort of your own home and choose what you want to keep. 

Stitch Fix Maternity states that it shops within your budget, but bargain-hunters note that it's often less affordable than getting deals in-store. However, with free shipping, returns, and the service of a stylist, the plan may be worth it for busy expecting people. Should you not want a full box of clothing items, Stitch Fix notes that you can purchase individual items on the site in a piecemeal fashion. There are plenty of shipping plans, such as every few weeks delivery, every month, every other month, or once a trimester. And returning items is simple with a prepaid label. 

One final downside is that Stitch Fix in general also comes across as gender-specific (i.e. advertising clothes for women and men), and its maternity plan doesn't appear gender-neutral either.

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For Self-Care: Oh Baby Boxes

Oh Baby Boxes logo

Oh Baby Boxes

Key Specs

  • Price: $45 per box
  • Delivery Cadence: Monthly 
  • Plans Available: 3

Why We Chose It 

Oh Baby is an expert at self-care and relaxation, as nourishment for the body, mind, and soul is the company’s goal. Its boxes are no exception, packed with full-size products that prioritize caring for the carrying parent-to-be. 

Pros & Cons

  • Boxes include six to eight full-size products

  • Tailored to your due date and pregnancy or postpartum

  • Free shipping

  • No single purchase option

  • Cannot customize products

  • $25 early cancellation fee


Oh Baby Boxes contain so many goodies for pregnant people who are in need of some serious self-care. The box's full-size products are ideal for expecting people who want to try a variety of prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum products. Each box includes six to eight items in the categories of organic wellness, skincare, fashion, maternity essentials, and lifestyle products. The goal is to pamper the soon-to-be parent for a full month until the next box arrives. 

You can choose from a month-to-month plan for $45, a three-month prepay plan for $129, or a six-month prepay plan for $240. Each box is tailored to your expected due date and switches to postpartum automatically when the baby is born, based on the due date you provided. One downside is there's no option for a single purchase of a box for either gifting or if you just want to try it out without the subscription commitment. Additionally, if you choose to cancel early, there’s a $25 fee. Each box ships out between the 15th and 20th of the month.

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For Postpartum: Cater to Mom

Cater to Mom

 Cater to Mom

Key Specs

  • Price: $37 to $44
  • Delivery Cadence: Monthly
  • Plans Available: 6

Why We Chose It 

Cater to Mom was specifically created for the fourth trimester. Its postpartum boxes include various items, such as lactation cookies and nipple cream, based on your selected delivery and feeding plan.  

Pros & Cons

  • Tailored to postpartum

  • Customized based on delivery type and feeding plan

  • Fast shipping available

  • Items cannot be customized

  • No pregnancy options

  • Ships internationally but with fees


Cater to Mom is a thoughtful gift for an expecting parent thanks to its explicitly curated postpartum box. Each box includes five to seven items to ease the transition from hospital to home. Many items are all-natural, and a few are not everyday items you can find in any standard drugstore, such as a passive essential oil diffuser. Still, every product is practical and aims to pamper a new parent or help them care for their little one.

Boxes are tailored to your delivery type (cesarean or vaginal), and your feeding type (breastfeeding, bottle, or both). They are shipped to your door monthly, but you can make a one-time purchase, or prepay for a three-, six-, nine-, or 12-month subscription, or an ongoing subscription, which saves you 5%. 

In addition to its postpartum boxes, Cater to Mom offers a Cater to Dad box, a breastfeeding box, a Love & Light box for those who experienced infant loss, and a mini mailer if you want to just sample a few monthly box items, but not commit to a full box. If you want to send a new parent a gift right away, choose the Recovery Box, which sends eight to 10 postpartum goodies in three to five days. No matter which box you choose, Cater to Mom will surely aid you or your loved one on the postpartum journey. 

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For Skincare: Bébé Knows Best

Bébé Knows Best logo

Bébé Knows Best

Key Specs

  • Price: $139 per box
  • Delivery Cadence: Customizable
  • Plans Available: 1

Why We Chose It 

Bébé Knows Best offers an assortment of luxurious boxes for new parents (or parents-to-be). Its Belly Box contains splurge-worthy skincare products to help you look and feel amazing. 

Pros & Cons

  • Full-size, high-quality products

  • Eco-friendly items

  • Add-ons available to customize

  • Three boxes in one delivery (no subscription plan)

  • Pricier than competitors

  • Box contents don't change


The Bébé Knows Best Belly Box is an elevated gift for the expecting parent. It contains items like vegan Coconut Cream Sóak, Neroli Water Facial Mist, and HATCH Belly Mask to pamper a pregnant parent’s skin and lift their mood. Though you can't subscribe to a regular delivery, its three-in-one Belly Box is bursting with full-size products that will likely last throughout a pregnancy. If you truly want to splurge, you can add products to the box as well. 

While the price point isn't exactly budget-friendly, Bébé Knows Best doesn't cut corners regarding the quality of its products. Its Belly Box comes in at $140, and add-ons range from $23 to $75. It only partners with female-founded, female-led brands that are eco-conscious and on a mission to make modern parents’ lives easier and more beautiful. This is true not only for its Belly Box, but also for the other boxes Bébé Knows Best offers, such as the Booby Box and the Birth Box.

Compare the Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Company Price of Single Box/Month  Best Suited To  Delivery Cadence  Number of Plans Available
Bump Box Most Inclusive $39 All concerns Monthly 4
Honest Most Practical  $55 Self-care, baby needs, home care Monthly 1
The Stork Bag For Trimester-Specific  $49 Trimester specific support Once per trimester + postpartum
Ecocentric Mom Most Eco-Friendly  $48 Eco-conscious moms Once per trimester + postpartum 3
Mama Bird Box For Gifting $35 Gift-giving Single purchase or monthly 3
Stitch Fix Maternity  For Fashion $20 styling fee + whatever you keep Fashion Customizable 1
Oh Baby Boxes For Self-Care $40 Self-care and pampering Monthly 3
Cater to Mom For Postpartum $44 Postpartum Monthly 5
Bébé Knows Best For Skincare $139 Skincare Customizable No plan, single purchase

How to Choose a Pregnancy Subscription Box That Works for You

When choosing a pregnancy subscription box, it may be helpful to keep these factors in mind:

  • Price: Generally, the price of pregnancy subscription boxes is tiered and varies with how often you would like a box delivered. There are options ranging from splurge-worthy to budget-friendly.
  • Trimester: You may order a box during the first trimester or opt for a postpartum-focused subscription. Choosing one that suits your (or your gift recipient's) specific stage of pregnancy means the products will often be more beneficial to your particular wants and needs.
  • Shipping speed: Because the company tailors the box to your trimester, shipping should be timely. Look for shipping speeds and delivery estimates before you commit.  
  • Delivery cadence: There is often more than one cadence to choose from. You can have a box delivered monthly or once every three months (once a trimester). Remember, the cadence generally affects the price.
  • Plans available: Some pregnancy boxes that only offer a monthly subscription may provide more products than you need, and the cost might not be worth it. The best pregnancy subscription boxes offer a range of plans to suit diverse needs and preferences. 
  • Type of box: Think about what type of products you want, your pregnancy concerns, or your goal for the box. Some only send maternity clothes, while others focus on postpartum snacks or nursing products. Choose a type that works best for you. 

Key Considerations for Pregnancy Subscriptions

How Do Pregnancy Subscription Boxes Work?

Pregnancy subscription boxes are similar to other subscription boxes on the market; you order a specific type and it comes at a regular cadence. However, most pregnancy subscription boxes will ask you to enter a due date so that the company can better cater the products to your stage of pregnancy or parenthood. Once registered, you'll need to choose how often you would like boxes delivered. Most offer monthly, bi-monthly, or once a trimester (every three months). Then, you can expect packages to arrive at your doorstep within that timeframe.

What the box contains depends on the company. Some allow you to customize your products by choosing specific options from a pre-selected list. Others may create a box for you, using your trimester and preferences to tailor the choices. Each subscription box company tends to focus on a different pregnancy concern, such as skincare, postpartum needs, or fashion. 

Who Are Pregnancy Subscriptions Boxes For? 

A pregnancy subscription box is excellent for an expecting person who wants to be pampered, try new products, or get a headstart on items that are useful for life with a baby, like pacifiers and diapers. Additionally, pregnancy subscription boxes may sound like they’re only for birthing people but that’s not the case. While these packages are incredibly helpful for pregnant people at the various stages of pregnancy, many also have useful products for postpartum individuals and non-birthing partners.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Easy Is It to Sign Up for a Pregnancy Subscription Box?

    Most companies make it pretty simple to sign up for a pregnancy subscription box. First, you'll fill out basic information like your name, address, and due date. Then, you'll choose your subscription plan based on price and delivery cadence. If the company offers customization, the final step will be picking your products.

  • Are Pregnancy Subscription Boxes a Useful Gift?

    Pregnancy subscription boxes make an excellent gift. They can introduce parents-to-be to various new products perfect for their stage of parenthood. Many of them include sample-size products, allowing the receiver to test each item before purchasing.

  • What Can Come in Pregnancy Subscription Boxes?

    You can find everything from pregnancy products to postpartum items and practical items for babies in a pregnancy subscription box. Popular options include skincare, self-care, fashion, meals or snacks, and activities. You can find lactation cookies, stretch mark balms, baby onesies, nursing bras, and more. In addition, there are some boxes created just for non-birthing parents.

  • Are Pregnancy Subscription Boxes More Economical Than Buying Products Piecemeal?

    Pregnancy subscription boxes aren’t always more economical than buying piecemeal. But remember, cost savings isn’t really the goal. Instead, the boxes are a fun and creative way to introduce yourself (or a pregnant person) to unique, useful, and novel items. The exception is subscription boxes like Honest Mom for diapers or product bundles, which can be cheaper than purchasing individual items. 


Parents.com reviewed more than 20 pregnancy subscription boxes, delving into features such as delivery cadence, cost, plan options, and the quality of products included. We also reviewed what parents and soon-to-be parents expect and desire from a pregnancy box subscription, which includes novel and unique products, self-care items, and all-natural or organic options. The best pregnancy subscription box for you depends on your particular wants and concerns, as well as your stage of pregnancy o parenthood. 

However, most expecting parents put a high value on the quality, size, and number of products, often using these features to justify the price. In addition, the number of plans available and the ability to cancel or suspend deliveries can be significant. Keeping these factors in mind, we tried to include pregnancy subscription boxes catering to a wide variety of needs and interests. Our goal was not to exclude any company based on price, number of plans, or fees. Nevertheless, to be included on our list, the box had to have enough useful items to be deemed worthy of its subscription cost.

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